Zerodha: Trading & Demat Account, Reviews, Charges: 2024

Zerodha, a Bangalore based company, a pioneer in stock broking, is the biggest and one of the best and most popular stock brokers in India. The one of its kind, discount broking model was introduced by this leading broker few years back. And, now there's no looking back! It's online flat fee discount brokerage model has set an example to be followed by various other trading platforms across India. Ranked amongst the Top Discount Brokers in India, Zerodha holds a very strong position in terms of trading volumes and a massive and growing customer base. Zerodha demat and trading account Review.webp

Zerodha: Overview

Incorporated in the year 2010 by Nitin Kamath, an engineer turned stock broker cum budding entrepreneur who nurtured the company with his ideas and innovation, Zerodha gained huge popularity within a short span. It has turned to be the leading stock broker in India, may it be determined by volume, number of active customers or the overall growth rate. Surprisingly, 3+ million Zerodha clients are contributing to over 15% of the aggregate retail trading volumes across BSE, NSE and MCX. That's a pretty good number to display!

Zerodha, one of the best discount brokers with over 1 crore clients is also the largest stock broker in India.

A technologically advanced and fully functional broking firm offering a plethora of services and products. The services include investing and trading in Equity, Currency, Commodity, IPO and Direct Mutual Funds. So, this online trading platform lets you invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and much more.

As far as, brokerage fee is concerned, Zerodha charges ₹0 brokerage on equity i.e. FREE equity delivery trades. So, the maximum intraday and F&O brokerage you pay for a transaction is ₹20 for an executed order.

Zerodha has established itself in the topmost places in the list of reliable & trustworthy brokers in India. And why not, its level of services and highly advanced and updated investment tools and apps are very much appreciated by its users.

Zerodha Trading Tools

These are the numerous trading tools provided by Zerodha:

  1. Zerodha Coin (A mutual fund investment platform)
  1. Streak (algo & strategy platform),
  1. Sensibull (An options trading platform)
  1. Zerodha Varsity (An investor education program)
  1. Trading Q&A
  1. Smallcase ( athematic investment platform)
  1. GoldenPi (bonds trading platform)

Let's keep exploring more details on this discount broker and discuss further about it.

Zerodha Account Opening Process

If you wish to trade in stocks, commodity or currency or to invest in stocks and mutual funds with Zerodha, you are required to open a trading account and a demat account. However, if you are planning to trade only in derivatives, a demat account is not mandatory.

Zerodha offers 3 types of accounts namely:

  1. A Trading account for equity and currency derivatives.

  2. A Demat account to take delivery of stocks.

  3. A Commodity account to trade commodity futures on MCX.

  4. Zerodha also offers a 2-in-1 Demat and trading account.

Although, a customer account has access to all the segments. But, you have

Zerodha Account Opening Charges: 2024

Demat Account Opening Charges₹0 (Free)
Trading Acc Opening Charges₹200 (Equity) + Rs.100 (Commodity)
Trading Account AMC₹0 (Free)
Demat Account AMC₹300 per year

Zerodha Account Brokerage Charges: 2024

Zerodha :Flat Brokerage Plan Brokerage Charges

Plan NameFlat Brokerage Plan
Equity Delivery₹0 (Free)
Equity IntradayFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Equity FuturesFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Equity OptionsFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order (on Turnover)
Currency FuturesFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Currency OptionsFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Commodity OptionsFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
Mutual Fund₹0 (Free Unlimited Direct MF)

Zerodha Equity Brokerage:2024

Trading SegmentEquity DeliveryEquity Interaday
Brokerage₹0 (No Brokerage)Flat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)0.1% on both Buy and Sell0.025% on the Sell Side
Transaction / Turnover ChargesNSE: 0.00325% | BSE: 0.003% per trade (each side)NSE: 0.00325% | BSE: 0.003% per trade (each side)
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
SEBI Charges0.00005% (₹5/Crore)0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
Stamp ChargesState wiseState wise

Zerodha Equity F&O Brokerage: 2024

ChargeEquity FuturesEquity Options
BrokerageFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)Flat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)0.01% on Sell Side\t0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
Transaction / Turnover ChargesNSE: 0.0019% | BSE 0.003% (each side)\tNSE 0.05% | BSE 0.003% (each side) (on premium)
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
SEBI Charges0.00005% (₹5/Crore)0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
Stamp ChargesState wiseState wise

Zerodha Currency Trading

Zerodha is probably one of the biggest discount brokers out there. That is for good reason. Zerodha’s emphasis on customer experience at low cost is probably unparalleled in the sector, so it is no surprise that it has moved to an expansionary stage. Zerodha also offers currency trading, but first,

Zerodha Currency F&O Brokerage: 2024

ChargeCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
BrokerageFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)\tFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)\t
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)No STT\tNo STT\t
Transaction / Turnover ChargesNSE: 0.0009% | BSE: 0.00022%\tNSE: 0.04% | BSE: 0.001% (on premium)
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
SEBI Charges0.00005% (₹5/Crore)0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
Stamp ChargesState wiseState wise

Zerodha Commodity Trading

Zerodha Brokers pioneered the Discount broking space in India and still continues to be one of the top investor preferences. The word Zerodha or 'Zero' 'dha' meaning Zero cost or free of charge transactions. It was the first discount broker to offer the no-brokerage policy to encourage more and more

Zerodha Commodity F&O Brokerage: 2024

ChargeCommodity FuturesCommodity Options
BrokerageFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)\tFlat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)\t
Securities Transaction Tax (STT)0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)\t0.05% on sell side
Transaction / Turnover ChargesGroup A: Exchange txn charge: 0.0026% Group B: Exchange txn charge: Pepper - 0.00005%, Castorseed - 0.0005%, Rbdpmolein - 0.001%\t₹0
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
SEBI Charges0.00005% (₹5/Crore)0.00005% (₹5/Crore)
Stamp ChargesState wiseState wise

Zerodha Demat account review, charges, details

A Demat account is used for holding your financial securities like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. Similar to as we have bank account to store our money, a demat account is used to store securties in electronic form.

Talking of Zerodha or any of the stock brokers in India, Demat

Zerodha Trading Platforms/Products Offered

Despite being a bootstrapped startup to dwell into the stockbroking industry, Zerodha has vastly transformed itself into the most extensive stock broking company in the country. Founded in August 2010, Zerodha offers a wide range of services at a low brokerage cost. These services include trading in commodities, equity, Equity

Here we shall do an exclusive Zerodha Streak Review, highlighting its features, pricing, other charges and important details.

Trading in today’s time has been easy as there are so many products to help you navigate through different options and opportunities. Zerodha Company is stated as India’s largest and the best-rated trading

Zerodha Smallcase, a one of its kind thematic investing for stock market in India. Or I should say \Invest in diversified ideas\ model. Do you know about Smallcases on Zerodha and its features? This was launched way back, but the idea of sharing minute details clicked us.

Simply put, Smallcase is

If you are looking for one of the Best Options Trading Platform then, Sensibull is for you. The platform is developed by Abid Hassan, along with his friend Abhimanyu. Sensibull recently started an Options Trading Platform, which makes the options trading easier and faster for all types of trades. Sensibull

Ask your questions here

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

There are many ways to check the IPO allotment status but Zerodha doesn't provide this facility on their website.** To check the allotment status you can visit the website of the registrar of the IPO**, for example, Link Intime, Karvy. With the help of a PAN number, you can easily check the status.

The dividend history can be checked through the Zerodha console or Zerodha Kite app . For that you will have Go to the Profile section, and the tap on Portfolio in the Console menu. Then tap on the desired stock and then tap on View dividends .

A simple straightforward short answer. You can change bank account in Zerodha online by visiting your \profile page\ in Zerodha Console. But, there are certain conditions for it. Let's discuss this a bit in detail.

DP charges apply if you sell shares from your demat account. This is an income source for depositories (CDSL or NSDL) as well as its Depository participants (Stock brokers). DP charges are applicable only one time per scrip in a single day irrespective of the quantity you actually sell.

You might have come across these product codes: MIS and CNC. Ever wondered, what they mean? Here you'll learn what is MIS and CNC in context to stock trading in context to Zerodha and other stock brokers in general.

Zerodha is India’s largest Stockbroker and has more than 3.4 million active clients. The DP ID is a unique 8 digit number that is used to identify your Stock Broker or any other Financial Institution. If you want to find your DP ID (Depository Participant) for any particular reason, follow the mentioned steps to get it easily.

To login Zerodha Kite, you have to enter your Login ID and password. Before that, you must have a demat and trading account with Zerodha to have complete access to its stock trading platform.

Yes, NRI can invest in Smallcase in Zerodha. They can invest using any NRI demat account they have with Zerodha, whether it is NRE PIS or NRO non-PIS.

The short answer is yes you can convert CNC (CASH AND CARRY) position to MIS (MARGIN INTRADAY SQUARE OFF) in zerodha. This option is presented inside the positions tab in Zerodha is very easily accessible.

Sovereign Gold Bonds can be bought from Zerodha either from the secondary market where it gets listed after 10-15 days of issue or from the primary market through "Coin" (Coin is a platform of Zerodha used for buying and selling government securities) at the time of issue. The minimum quantity is 1 gram or 1 unit of the SGB and the maximum is 4kg or 4000 units for an individual.

Realized P&L statement is the total amount of profit or loss you have made with each trade in any segment is reported here. It also includes the brokerage charge that you might have to pay.

An unrealized P&L statement involves the active trades currently running under your portfolio, which showcases how much profit or loss you are currently making in those trades.

Yes, CNC can be sold on the same in Zerodha. You just have to be zerodha client

Zerodha is Indias largest discount broker in terms of the trading volume. Here you can create your own wishlist on the Kite application. The kite application is the trading terminal provided by Zerodha which is free to all its clients. The following steps can be followed to add the stocks to your watchlist.

If you are into stock trading, you might have often come across the abbrevations SLM and SL. So, here we'll be clarifying: What is SLM? What is SL? You'll also know the difference, SLM vs SL with examples.

Zerodha is India’s largest and most trusted Stock broker with more than 1+ crore active users. Selling shares in CNC is very simple in Zerodha. To sell any share in CNC you must possess that stock in your Demat order to sell it in CNC. Learn how to sell your shares in detail.

Zerodha Kite allows you to sell shares either at market order or by placing stop loss. The order will be executed at the best available price.

There are two ways through which you can add Nifty 50 stocks in Zerodha Kite. The first is by adding them one by one and the second is by investing in Mutual funds.

Zerodha was launched in 2010 in India. Since then it has attracted almost 2.5Mn users due to its features and modern products.

Zerodha is an Indian discount stock broker which provides various services to its customers. Zerodha is a paid platform with Rs 200 as account opening charges and their brokerage rates are different for each segment which are discussed in detail.

Zerodha has established itself as the number one stock broker and has way more users than its competitors in the Indian brokerage companies. Zerodha continuously reported rising revenues every year and and is a profitable organisation due to various factors which have led to their growth apart from collecting brokerage from traders.

As Zerodha Kite is a mobile platform, you cannot connect it directly to Excel. To do so you will have to use Zerodha Pi, which is a web platform that runs on your PC. You can connect Pi to excel by following some basic steps.

Zerodha is an Indian discount stock broker which provides various services to its customers related to investing. It has been awared as the Best Indian Stock Broker by NSE and BSE. Being one of the biggest brokerage companies, it is widely trusted because of its wide user base, industry wide recognitions and advances security features.

Zerodha is one of the best discount brokerage firm based in India. It provides a wide range of financial services to investors and traders.

Yes , NRI can invest in Mutual Funds in Zerodha by opening a non-PIS account. However, there are restrictions for NRI investors with PIS accounts, as well as investors based in the US and Canada; they are not permitted to invest in mutual funds in Zerodha.

Zerodha is the largest stockbroker in India which holds more than 19% of the total market share. It is good for beginners as the account and brokerage charges are low. It offers a great trading platform and has a simple-to-use UI. All these features make it a suitable choice for beginners as well as advanced traders and investors.

You are required to fill up and submit a number of forms and documents via post to open a Zerodha account as an NRI. Continue reading and be informed.

Intraday trading on Zerodha can be executed with ease by choosing the type of trades you want to engage in. These could be NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, or future options of companies. Once you choose the respective lot, then choose the type of orders and then buy the shares. Trade them when you see a profit or wait till a specific point till you recover your investment.

GTT or Good Till Triggered, is a feature of Zerodha that lets users execute trades based on a specific price point. It's quite helpful for those that want to trade in the stock market but have no time to keep track of their investments.

Zerodha is India’s top Discount broker that allows its clients to trade in Equity and Commodities. Equity and commodity are two different asset classes in which you can trade as well as Invest. Know what are equity and commodities in detail.

Zerodha is India’s number one broker in terms of active clients and also by trading volume. Zerodha offers many platforms to its clients to trade on. ‘Zerodha Pi’ is one of Zerodha's most advanced platforms that allows you to backtest and create various Algo strategies.