Can CNC be sold same day in Zerodha?

Short Answer

Yes, CNC can be sold on the same in Zerodha. You just have to be zerodha client

Detailed Answer

Yes, CNC can be sold on the same day in Zerodha. Here is the list of charges that apply depending upon when you sold CNC:

CNC (delivery) same day: Intraday brokerage charges.

CNC (delivery) next day: Intraday brokerage charges.

CNC (delivery) third day: CNC Delivery brokerage charges.

Hope that helps to clarify the query. Zerodha overall is a really friendly broker and charges are very genuine at all trades.

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    Any stock purchased and sold on the same day is known as 'Intraday', regardless of the order type (MIS or CNC). After the execution of the new 'Margin Requirement' rules, all the profits are settled on a T+1 (Trading+1) basis. This means if you take an intraday trade, your profit will reflect in your account on the next date, but the losses are subtracted from your margin immediately. On the other hand, if you sell a stock that you already hold (CNC), 80% of the total margin will be available on the same day and the remaining will be added on T+2 day.

    Today i bought 100 shares and sell the same day for the long-term stock that is CNC, it have not choose the intraday option while buying but profit or lose money is not reflecting in the fund balance. Can anyone explain

    If you sell shares that were purchased last month. You will have to pay two types of charges. First, you'll have to pay a 15% STCG (Short Term Capital Gains) tax on the profit made. Secondly, you will incur some minute charges imposed by the broker like STT, Securities exchange tax, Exchange fees, etc. You will also be charged with a DP charge that can range from Rs10 to Rs25 (per order) depending on your broker. These are the charges that you'll have to pay irrespective of you buying the same shares again.

    if i buy shares last month and sold today and bought again in evening what r charges applicable

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