Can NRI invest in Smallcase in Zerodha?

Short Answer

Yes, NRI can invest in Smallcase in Zerodha. They can invest using any NRI demat account they have with Zerodha, whether it is NRE PIS or NRO non-PIS.

Detailed Answer

A Smallcase is a collection of stocks that may represent a certain industry, theme, or idea in investing. One can create a basket of stocks with a common theme or idea.

For example, dividend-yielding stocks or stocks representing the tech industry, or one can invest in ready-made baskets also. Smallcase has partnered with many stock brokers, and investors can access them through their broking accounts.

Zerodha is also one of the brokers with smallcase integrated into them. Anyone with a Zerodha demat and trading account can buy smallcases. But today, we'll find out if NRIs can invest in Smallcase in Zerodha.

Can NRI invest in smallcase in Zerodha?

Yes, NRI can also invest in Smallcase in Zerodha. To invest in smallcase, you must open an NRI demat account with Zerodha.

If you only want to invest in smallcase, you can either open an NRE PIS or an NRO non-PIS account.Unlike with mutual funds, there are no investment limitations based on the type of account.

You can invest in smallcase using both an NRO non-PIS account and an NRE PIS account. All your investments with smallcase in Zerodha will be held in your demat account and can be seen in Kite holdings as well.

What are the fees charged for investing in smallcase?

You only pay a one-time fee of Rs. 100 + GST for each smallcase on the day of purchase; there are no other charges for any order in that smallcase. However, you only pay 2.5% of the amount invested + GST if you invest less than Rs. 4,000 on the date of investment. Other mandatory fees like STT, Demat, brokerage fees, and taxes are applied as normal.

NRI can invest in Smallcase in Zerodha

There are no restrictions on the kind of NRI demat account you can have with Zerodha; you can invest with any NRI account and have total control over your investments.

There is no lock-in period, so you can add or remove stocks whenever you want. Try to hold it for a longer period of time, though, as smallcases work best when used for long-term investing.

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How can an NRI open a Zerodha account?

You are required to fill up and submit a number of forms and documents via post to open a Zerodha account as an NRI. Continue reading and be informed.

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NRIs living in the United States can invest in Indian Mutual Funds, but there are some hassles that have to be overcome. You will require an NRE, NRO, or FCRN account in order to convert the foreign currency into Indian rupees, post which you can complete the KYC and begin investing in Indian Mutual Funds.

What is NFO in Zerodha? How to invest in it?

NFO in Zerodha is the abbreviation of "New Fund Offer". It refers to the introductory offer of a scheme by an AMC (Asset management company). An NFO is raised when a fund is launched and this will help the firm to raise capital for purchasing securities. 

Who is the No.1 Stock Broker in India?

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