Trade Smart Online: Trading & Demat Account, Reviews, Charges: 2024

Trade Smart is a well-known name in India’s Stock Broking industry, which is ranks well among the famous discount brokers in India.

Trade Smart: An Overview

Trade Smart is a Mumbai based broking firm, incorporated in 1994 by VNS Finance and Capital Ltd. It is the ideal spot for investors and traders looking for high margins with low brokerages and the fast trading platform. 

Trade Smart began with the vision to offer a smart and consistent trading experience to users through their various services and trading platforms. From that point forward, Trade Smart has left no efforts in utilizing innovative technology solutions for easement customers in trading. 

They have a daily trade value of Rs. 2500 crore with more than 17000 spangling customer base, which is growing day by day, providing their best facilities and national presence. Also, they have their branches at numerous locations across the nation, supported by no not exactly a thousand dealers and sub-brokers who own organizations’ sales portfolio. 

Oldest stock broker firm Trade Smart offers trading at several exchanges with several segments lined up. They are registered with NSE, BSE, MCX and other reputed exchanges at the world level too, all at one go traders can trade in Equity and Derivatives.

Trade Smart Online Services 

Trade Smart offers two services and they pursue excellence in their services. 

1. Online Trading

Trade Smart provides a cheaper and faster online trading service to its customers. With solutions for futures and options, commodities, currency and stocks trading, they also fulfill online trading needs by providing best discount brokerages plans. 

2. Demat Trading

Since 2003 this discount broker has been a depository participant of Central Depository Services India Ltd. (CDSL). As a member of CDSL, it provides holding of securities in electronic form for its customers. 

Trade Smart Brokerage Plans

Under the discount brokerage segment, they offer two brokerage plans. 

1. Power Trading Plan

  • Per executed order Rs. 15, regardless of the value or size of the trade.
  • This is appropriate for those traders who wish to trade big size but less frequency.
  • This plan provides intraday exposure of up to 7x on Futures & Options, 30x on Equity, 6x on Commodity and 3x on Currency.

2. Value Trading Plan

  • This plan is appropriate for less volume traders.
  • Traders get intraday exposure of up to 6x Commodities, 7x on Futures and Options, 30x on Equities and 3x on Currency.
  • Currency, Commodity, Intraday Cash and Futures: 0.007% Brokerage.
  • Brokerage in Delivery: 0.07%
  • Per lot in Options: Rs. 7/-

There is no minimum brokerage commitment, no hidden charges and no advance brokerage in both the plans.  

TradeSmartOnline Trading Platform 

They offer multiple trading platforms to their customers.

1. Browser Based 

If someone doesn't want to download a share trading app or trading software, in that case, Trade Smart provides a browser based solution, one can easily sign-in on the computer with the help of an internet connection and it gets started. Particularly it is very useful for those who travel a lot and trade light. 

2. Mobile Based - Sine (for NEST)

This is a mobile based trading app which gives freedom to manage the trading account on the move. Traders can download this online share trading application from the Play Store and App Store. With this intelligent trading app, one can easily explore and invest in the share market. 

3. Trader - NEST | Fox Trader | Dart Stock

This trading app is specially intended for PC users, it requires the installation and provides the high brandwidth of professional online trading charts and tools. Through this traders can easily manage their Demat account without any efforts.

TradeSmart: Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the services of this discount broker:


  • They provide margin to the customers against available shares in their Demat account.
  • Zero account opening charges and no minimum balance is required.
  • For traders, they offer flexible brokerage plans, the high margin for trading.
  • For planning brokerages and forecasting they provide a brokerage calculator.
  • They support traders with their excellent customer service through live chat, phone and email ticketing.


  • The 3-in-1 Demat account facility is not available for traders.
  • They don't provide portfolio management services.
  • One can not invest in FPOs, Mutual Funds, IPOs.
  • Sometimes they charge high transaction costs in Currency Options and Equity Options.

TradeSmart Review: Bottom Line

With providing instant support and facility to the customers' Trade Smart is continually adapting modern trends. As they offer dynamic versatile services to their customers, in this way they have been stable for such a long time in the industry. Due to its transparency customers can be calmed when trading with Trade Smart.

For the gain in customers, Trade Smart becomes the sole reason since the multifaceted trading that they offer to their customers has garnered accolades.

Trade Smart Online Account Opening Process

TradeSmart Online offers a demat account for Rs. 200 and a trading account for Rs.200 only. In order to have access to its features and trading platforms, you need to open an account with the stockbroker. The account opening process is very easy.

How to open a Demat & Trading Account Online?

Let's see how you can open a TradeSmart. It has a simple sign up process and you can initiate the account opening process.

1. Online Account Opening:

Choose the eKYC option and keep your documents like PAN card copy, AADHAR card copy, cancelled cheque, bank statement, etc.

Trade Smart Online Account Opening Charges: 2024

Demat Account Opening Charges₹200
Trading Acc Opening Charges₹200
Trading Account AMC₹0
Demat Account AMC₹300

Trade Smart Online Account Brokerage Charges: 2024

Trade Smart Online :Power Trading Plan Brokerage Charges

Plan NamePower Trading Plan
Equity Delivery₹15 per executed order
Equity Intraday₹15 per executed order
Equity Futures₹15 per executed order
Equity Options₹15 per executed order
Currency Futures₹15 per executed order
Currency Options₹15 per executed order
Commodity Options₹15 per executed order
Mutual Fund

Trade Smart Online :Value Trading Plan Brokerage Charges

Plan NameValue Trading Plan
Equity Delivery0.007%
Equity Intraday0.007%
Equity Futures0.007%
Equity Options₹7 Per Lot
Currency Futures0.007%
Currency Options₹7 Per Lot
Commodity OptionsFutures: 0.007% and Options: ₹7 Per Lot
Mutual Fund

Trade Smart Online Currency Trading

Currency Trading is a powerful investment and hedging tool offered by Trade Smart. It is a contract through which two currencies can be exchanged at a specific rate at a future date. By trading in currencies investors can hedge against foreign exchange risk. Trade Smart provides intraday exposure of up

Trade Smart Online Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading plays a vital role in the financial market that provides the opportunity to rule out market volatility to investors. Trade Smart offers a wide range of commodities for trading, which is classified as agro-based, base metal, precious metal etc. and they provide intraday exposure of up to 6x

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Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

Trade Smart demat account cannot be closed online. To close Trade Smart demat account, fill out the Trade Smart demat closure form and then courier it to the office address of Trade Smart.