IDBI Direct: Trading & Demat Account, Reviews, Charges: 2024

IDBI Capital Market & securities Ltd. also known as IDBI Direct, is a widely known full-service Mumbai based stock broker with integrated banking facilities and is a truly owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank Ltd. It has made a gigantic reputation for itself within the brokerage industry and Indian trading by providing personalized support to their respective clients.

As of today, the company has a net worth of around three billion rupees and over two hundred employees are located across seventeen distinct branches, spread over seventeen cities around the nation. 

As a retail broking division of the Indian centric financial services IDBI Capital offering remote-based trading with the help of internet across all the major financial segments such as Equities, F&O, Mutual Funds and Initial Public Offerings.  

Also, to help the registered users, as well as investors of the company to swift investment-related decisions and better inform them about their respective online portal by providing a plethora of features. 

IDBI Direct Products

IDBI Capital offers various financial products to their clients across Equity Delivery Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Funds and Banking. However, they do not have any financial products with regards to Insurance and Forex Trading. 

Apart from this IDBI Capital also offers two unique products which are:

1. Equity SIP

It is a Systematic Investment Plan wherein a fixed amount can be invested every month in selected stocks. Clients have the option to choose from two types of SIPs:

Amount-Based SIP

In amount based SIP, clients can invest a fixed amount in stocks as per their choices at a predefined frequency and term. They can choose up to 10 scrips. 

Quality-Based SIP

In Quality based SIP, clients can buy a certain number of shares of a company. They can choose up to 5 scrips to purchase. 


The other unique product is ENCASH which allows clients to get sales proceeds credited to their account on the trading day instead of normal Trade day+2 settlement day. This facility is only available for those clients who have shares available on their Demat Account. 

IDBI Direct Services

IDBI Capital offers exclusive services to their registered traders and investors with regards to Trading services, Demat Services, 3 in 1 Account, Stock Recommendation, Initial Public Offering Services. Not only this, it offers Intraday Services with an average exposure of upto fifteen times normally.

Nevertheless, this likewise a considerable fact that they are not providing any services with regards to Robo Advisory, Trading institution and Portfolio Management services.

IDBI Direct Brokerage Plans

They offer two brokerages plan to suit the various needs of the traders:

1. Flexi-Gold Brokerage Plan - 

In this brokerage plan, clients are required to pay a subscription fee at the beginning of a specific period. During the validity period of the plan, this advance fee is refundable to the extent of the brokerage generated by the client. The duration of the plan is 6-12 months.

2. ACE Trader Brokerage Plan - 

In an ACE trader brokerage plan, the brokerage is charged as a percentage of the trade value. However, calculation of brokerage is assessed for the particular calendar month and reset upon calendar month completion. This means your brokerage slab will decide by your total turnover. 

IDBI Direct Trading Platforms 

What’s interesting about IDBI Direct is that they have built up their platforms in accordance to the categories of their users. Here is a list of platforms they have developed so far:

1. IDBI Direct Trading Terminal:

It is a terminal-based trading platform that can be easily installed with one’s computer with a minimum configuration. It comes with the following features- 

1.Users can set visual and audio based alerts along with a set of specific conditions allocated to particular stocks. 

2.The software comes integrated with functionality, users that can track their placed orders in real-time. 

3.The software can monitor a set of specific scrips across various industries through a personalized market watch list.  

4.It comes with a variety of charting options to analyze certain stocks in accordance to the preferred style of display. 

5.Users can access any of the advisory reports and company’s research including stock recommendations, research reports and tips across technical as well as fundamental levels, which empower the traders to make informed financial decisions. 

2. IDBI Direct Web Trading Platform:

It is a trading platform that can be accessed directly through a web browser. This particular remote trading platform is used by the frequent investors pertaining to the fact that the number of features that have been integrated within the software. IDBI trading pltaform comes loaded with the following useful features:-

1.This web-based app enables the users to create up to 7 customizable market watch lists with the ability to create up to 50 different scrips in each market watch list. 

2.Users can place their particular orders with one click and trade in a hassle-free environment. 

3.Users can access real-time charting options that are optimized with colour coded price movements of any particular or a group of stocks. 

4.The software has been integrated with the in-build functionality known as the ‘Hotkey’. This feature enables the users to make swift decisions during the stock price change with quick analysis, feature browsing and order placement actions. 

5.Users are enabled to get a detailed view of the top 5 bids available at a certain point of time. 

3. IDBI Direct Mobile Trading App:

1.It is a mobile-based trading app which can be found easily in Google’s Play Store and comes loaded with the following features:

2.Users can create multiple customizable market watch lists in accordance to their preferences. 

3.The mobile app can be used to get instant access to real-time market streaming across various indices as well as exchanges by the users. 

4.Users have access to a variety of charts that the app comes integrated with for in-depth market analysis at technical and fundamental levels. 

4. IDBI Power Classic:

This particular software has been designed for those users who are new to the entire trading with the rather simplistic interface and come with the following set of features:

1.Users get instant access to the live rates of stocks directly from the NSE and BSE.

2.Within the platform, users can update, add or cancel ongoing orders with a series of simple commands. 

3.For a better understanding of the overall market, the software comes integrated with a set of ledgers, account notes and contract notes. 

IDBI Direct: A FInal Review

In the last few years, IDBI Capital has evolved as a fully integrated broker and financial services provider firm. This has not let them overlook certain factors that may cause their traders and investors to face difficulties. However, the brokerage rates are on the higher side but they offer the best research reports. 

In point of fact, the total number of complaints received against IDBI Capital in the NSE or BSE last year was a lot less as compared to their respective competitors. 

IDBI Direct Account Opening Process

IDBI Direct offers a paperless and hassle-free account opening process quite similar to other popular stockbrokers in India.

Documents Required for Account Opening:

For easy online account opening you require the following:

  1. PAN card

  2. AADHAR number

  3. Income Proof

  4. Cancelled cheque

  5. Photograph or Webcam for self-verification

And that's it, you can complete the account opening form online in few steps. It hardly takes 15 minutes to complete the entire process.

IDBI Direct Account Opening Charges: 2024

Demat Account Opening Charges₹0
Trading Acc Opening Charges₹500 (one-time)
Trading Account AMC₹0
Demat Account AMC₹450 p.a.

IDBI Direct Account Brokerage Charges: 2024

IDBI Direct :Standard Plan Brokerage Charges

Plan NameStandard Plan
Equity Delivery0.50%
Equity Intraday0.05%
Equity Futures0.05%
Equity Options₹100 per lot
Currency Futures
Currency Options
Commodity Options
Mutual Fund

IDBI Direct :Ace Trader Plan Brokerage Charges

Plan NameAce Trader Plan
Equity Delivery0.10% to 0.50%
Equity Intraday0.020% to 0.050%
Equity Futures0.020% to 0.048%
Equity Options₹100 per lot
Currency Futures
Currency Options
Commodity Options
Mutual Fund
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