How to Change Bank Account in Zerodha?

Short Answer

A simple straightforward short answer. You can change bank account in Zerodha online by visiting your \profile page\ in Zerodha Console. But, there are certain conditions for it. Let's discuss this a bit in detail.

Detailed Answer

There are many situations where Zerodha clients want to change, update or add their registered primary and secondary bank account details. However it may sound overwhelming for the clients, but it is very simple with the active Zerodha account. 

How to Change the Primary Bank Account linked with Zerodha? Online Process

If you wish to change the primary bank account online all you need to do is simply, visit the profile page on Console and on that page you can easily find an option to modify the primary bank. After submitting a request it will take 24 to 48 hours to link the primary bank account. 

You can modify primary bank account online only if you are a Resident Individual and your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card.

How to Change Bank account linked with Zerodha? Offline Process

In case your mobile number isn't linked to your Aadhar, here's a simple offline process to change your bank account with Zerodha:


2 Go to the 'Downloads & resources' link in the footer 'Support' section.

3.Then, download the 'Account modification form' from the 'Change request forms' section.

4.Get the form printed from the web page and fill the details.

5.Sign is mandatory in all the required places. 

6.Add proof documents of the respective bank account.

7.Send the filled form to Zerodha’s head office. 

  • The accepted bank proof is any one of the documents like:

1.A self-attested copy of the bank statement with IFSC code and MICR number.

2.Cancelled cheque (client name must be printed on the cheque)

3.A self-attested copy of a bank passbook.

How do we link more than one bank account to our Zerodha account?

You are authorized to link 1 primary bank and up to 2 secondary bank accounts to your Zerodha account. With a primary bank account, you can make withdrawals to your trading account and add funds. While the secondary bank accounts can be used to add funds only.

By sending updated documents to Zerodha you can change an existing account or add a new bank account. You may also do it by sending hard copies as well as offline by emailing scanned copies to them.

Note: An amount of Rs.25 + applicable GST is charged for both online and offline modifications by Zerodha.

How to Add a Secondary Bank Account with Zerodha?

As an existing client of Zerodha, you must have already added your respective bank details to Zerodha account and by default, this is mapped as your primary bank account. If you wish to add another bank account then it will automatically fall under the secondary bank account. 

There is a very simple procedure that you have to follow i.e. you need to provide proof of a bank account like submitting a scanned copy of a personalized cancelled cheque or a bank statement with IFSC and MICR code which must be self-attested. After submitting the documents it will take 24 hours to link the secondary bank account. 

Note: The account holder name should be the same as the name which is registered in Zerodha account. 

Now in just a single click add a secondary bank account! You can raise a ticket at Zerodha to submit a scanned copy of any one accepted bank proofs.

So, this is how you can basically change your bank account with Zerodha. Have you tried it? Was it a simple process or did you find it a bit tricky? Do share your views. 

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    Changing the primary bank account is simple and straightforward. However, you can have only three bank accounts linked. One primary and two secondary. For changing any one of these, you will need different forms to be filled out and submitted to be approved. Quite a lengthy step but gets the job done within 24-48 hours.

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