How to connect Zerodha Kite to excel?

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As Zerodha Kite is a mobile platform, you cannot connect it directly to Excel. To do so you will have to use Zerodha Pi, which is a web platform that runs on your PC. You can connect Pi to excel by following some basic steps.

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Zerodha Kite

Zerodha is India’s largest Stockbroker formed in 2010. It has the largest client base of 25 lakh active clients and is one of the fastest-growing stockbroking platforms in India.

Kite is the mobile application provided by Zerodha. Kite is one of the most advanced mobile platform in which you can trade and invest in stocks, options, futures as well commodities. Kite is provided for free to every individual who has an account in Zerodha. There are no extra charges for the platform.

How to connect Zerodha Kite to Excel?

As Kite is a Mobile application that runs on a smartphone, you cannot directly connect the platform to Excel. To connect your Zerodha account in Excel, you will have to use the Pi platform. Zerodha Pi is an application that runs on a PC and you can export and import your data directly on Excel.

You can export stock data as well as your profit and loss reports to Excel using Zerodha Pi. To do so, you will have to download the application, log in to it using your ID & Password. Once you do so, you will have to select all the files that you want to export and click “Ctrl+E”. With this, you can directly connect Pi to an Excel sheet.

Once to carry out the steps, an excel file will automatically open with all the data in it. You can use it to do whatever you like to do with the data.

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Excel is one of the most powerful tools available. Linking Zerodha Kite application to Excel, makes the task if applying various filters to stocks, a lot easier!

When you start investing you need to have all the information properly organized in excel for future references as well. The steps have made the process of connecting Kite to excel very simple.

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Zerodha is India’s number one broker in terms of active clients and also by trading volume. Zerodha offers many platforms to its clients to trade on. ‘Zerodha Pi’ is one of Zerodha's most advanced platforms that allows you to backtest and create various Algo strategies.

Who is the No.1 Stock Broker in India?

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Is Zerodha Streak free? Algo Trading Platform

Zerodha Streak was launched; it was completely free, but not anymore. Right now, you need to pay a fee for using the Zerodha Streak.

Why is Zerodha so famous?

Zerodha was launched in 2010 in India. Since then it has attracted almost 2.5Mn users due to its features and modern products.

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Is Zerodha good for beginners?

Zerodha is the largest stockbroker in India which holds more than 19% of the total market share. It is good for beginners as the account and brokerage charges are low. It offers a great trading platform and has a simple-to-use UI. All these features make it a suitable choice for beginners as well as advanced traders and investors.

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How to login into Kite Zerodha demat account? What are the ways to login into Zerodha Kite?

To login Zerodha Kite, you have to enter your Login ID and password. Before that, you must have a demat and trading account with Zerodha to have complete access to its stock trading platform.