Can we convert CNC to MIS in Zerodha?

Last Updated: 15-Jan-2024

Short Answer

The short answer is yes you can convert CNC (CASH AND CARRY) position to MIS (MARGIN INTRADAY SQUARE OFF) in zerodha. This option is presented inside the positions tab in Zerodha is very easily accessible.

Detailed Answer

Yes, you can convert your position from CNC to MIS in Zerodha. Once you go to the positions tab, you will see three dots which various options that you have on that position, one of those options will be to convert CNC to MIS. Just click on that and follow the steps and you are good to go.

However converting vice-versa i.e MIS to CNC is not trivial and you need to have sufficient funds in your account.

The major difference between CNC and MIS is that the former is solely delivery based. MIS on the other hand relates to intraday and can be easily squared before the market is closed. So, if the investor doesn’t square it, the broker will. Both CNC and MIS are ways in which you can trade & invest in the stock market.

It is totally investors choice whether he wants to go for CNC or MIS. If he believes he can handle his holdings and deal with the market dynamics, then why not go for CNC! This being said, if your main motive is immediate daily returns then converting to MIS is the best option for you.

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Discussion (2)

How to identify the stocks that can be converted from CNC to MIS. Sometimes i get alert saying that the stock is blocked for converting the position from CNC to MIS. Kindly help.

Sir i sold stock in cnc , stock price is coming down, is it compulsory to convert cnc to mis or simply can I place buy order in cnc

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