How to close Trade Smart Online Demat Account?

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Short Answer

Trade Smart demat account cannot be closed online. To close Trade Smart demat account, fill out the Trade Smart demat closure form and then courier it to the office address of Trade Smart.

Detailed Answer

Discount brokers have made it very easy to open a demat account. It only takes a few hours to open an online demat account. But the same is not true during the closing of the demat account. The process is typically offline and time-consuming to finish.

However, if you have a Trade Smart Online demat account that you want to close, then we will assist you to close that in easy steps.

How to close Trade Smart Online Demat Account?

The Trade Smart demat account cannot be closed online. You need to download the account closure form and then send it to their address.

Follow these simple steps to close your Trade Smart Online Demat Account-

Download the Trade Smart Online demat account closure from.

Step 2. Take printout of the closure form.

Step 3. Fill in all the details that include -

  • DP ID
  • Client ID
  • Name of the holder(s) and address.
  • Reason for closing the account.

Step 4. Sign the closure form. If more than one holder holds that account, then all will have to sign the form.

Step 5. Courier the form and copy of your KYC documents to the address -

Address- Mangalya, A-401, Marol Maroshi Rd

Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Things to remember before sending the closure form

  • Make sure you don't have any holdings or positions in your demat and trading account
  • Settle all the dues
  • Withdraw all money from your trading account

Close Trade Smart Online Demat Account

The Trade Smart Online demat account can only be closed in offline mode by sending the closure form. However, if the demat account closure form is not filled out correctly, it could be rejected. So. it is very important to settle all dues and holding before sending the closure request. And once the form is successfully submitted then the account is closed within 7 to 8 working days.

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