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Angel SpeedPro Review: Online Trading Platform

Effectively trading in the stock market requires the assistance of brokers/traders. These brokers are either individual or a part of a company and offer trading software either for web, computers or mobile phones and Though there is an extensive catalogue of trading software’s to use in the market, we are going to discuss about “Angel SpeedPro” from Angel Broking.

What is Angel SpeedPro?

Angel broking is a full-service retail brokerage company in India. It offers a plethora of services which include advisory & broking services, portfolio management services, mutual funds & margin funding services and more. The company also offers loans against its shares.

With an extensive array of features offered by the company, they do offer their flagship software known as “Angel SpeedPro.” Angel SpeedPro is a trading software that offers its users/clients/brokers/traders the best of trading experience with trading monitoring capabilities all under one window.

Furthermore, it’s a terminal-based trading platform that requires to be downloaded and installed on your computer system. The software is a feasible option to prefer as they have a dedicated research team that provides fundamental and technical research about the current stock market and possible investment opportunities.

Angel Speed Pro is free to use but will require a trading account to login to the software. But the traders/user will have a separate fee to pay in opening the account. Also, there is a 20 rupees brokerage fee on all the segments other than equity delivery.

The company also offers a web-based trading platform and a mobile application for a “trading on the go” experience. There is no macOS support, but the company does provide mobile application for android as well as iOS.

Minimum System requirements to run Angel SpeedPro:

Processor – Pentium 4 PC of higher.

Disk Space – 5GB.

Internet Speed – 40 kbps or more.

Operating system – Windows (7,8,10)

**RAM **– 1 GB (minimum)

Others – Adobe flash players, IE 9 and above, Java-enabled.

Features of Angel SpeedPro

Some of the salient features of this online trading software are:

1. Real-time Updates

Making a sound investment is all about timing and the use of Angel SpeedPro helps in making sound investments. Trade instantly with an extensive array of tools that could be used to make different investments in different sectors.

2. Live Market Watch

Through the live watch feature, traders can seamlessly see live updates of the stock market and take decisions instantly. Based on the indicators, tweak your charts to gain the most of the stock market at any particular point of time.

3. Quick Installation

The installation procedure is quite simple and straightforward. Head to the official website of Angel Broker and download the .exe file of the software. Once downloaded, install it and start trading away.

4. Easy Online Trading

Investing in mutual funds is one more feature of the software other than its trading options. It’s your one-stop-shop for all your investment opportunities either in the stock market or in a mutual fund.

5. Monitor Your Portfolio 

The software helps the user in tracking all their investments under one application. Users also have the option of viewing scrip-wise gain per day, loss, overall profit margin, price of stocks and much more all through one simple click.

6. Integrated News Flash and Reports

The software continually pushes out news and flash reports about the hot stuff happening in the stock market. It’s a handy tool in making more money and analyses your investments adequately by making an informed investment.

Angel SpeedPro: Key Highlights

Some of the key highlights of this trading software include:

1. Scrip Addition

Addition of scrip is quite easy and straightforward. Simply search for the various segments such as commodity, currency, etc. and add it to the market watch. To place an order, simply choose the scrip and click on buy under the Home Tab.

2. Combined Best Five Feature

A unique prospect to the software is its ability to have a simultaneous look at the top five bids from leading markets i.e. NSE and BSE. Every small bit of information does help in going a long way in trading in the stock market.

3. Open in Excel

Integrating the features of the live market trend with Microsoft excel really makes it a worthwhile experience. Using the market watch feature, users can import the specified portfolio to an excel sheet which is updated on live basis.

4. Customization Feature

Through this aspect of the software, users have the ability to hide the research and menu bar of the software to have a larger overview of the live market. Furthermore, customizations are possible to the chart type, workspace, portfolio, performance indicator, etc.

5. Hotkeys

Every feature that the software portrays, there are shortcut keys to access them. Users can use them either for quick implementation or for analysis purpose. The several features can be toggled through these shortcuts.

6. Multi-desktop feasibility

Traders have the option in toggling between different screens of the same applications seamlessly. The preferred windows can be arranged in any format, and accessing them is as simple as scrolling the mouse over them.

The Bottom Line

The Angel SpeedPro Desktop app loaded with features like one-click installation, viewing live data and accessing a host of varied research reports make it a popular software among users. What do you think? Do share your views on it.

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