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Kuants Algo Trading Software Review
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kuants Algo Trading Software

Kuants is an Algo trading platform using which you can Create, Backtest, and Deploy Algo trading in the live market easily. In kuants, you can create different Algos easily without coding. In recent times, the demand for ALGO trading has seen an uptick as more professionals and traders are implementing Algo trading.

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Advantages of using ALGO Trading

Algorithmic trading includes the use of time-tested and backtested data that has a track record of success. The probability of using such a strategy is higher. Another advantage of using algos is that you don’t need to monitor the trade the whole time. The software tracks the price movement and executes the trade (Entry & Exit) automatically when the specified parameters are fulfilled. Therefore using ALGOS makes the whole process faster, more efficient, and less time-consuming.

Features of Kuants.

Kuants has an array of tools and features that you can use to take your trading experience to a different level. Some of the key features of Kuants are follows

1. Backtested Algorithms

Kuants provides a variety of Algo strategies that are backtested on historic data ranging to 4-5 years on Algolab (A platform of kuants). This ensures complete transparency and accuracy of the data to every user. All these developed algos are listed on ‘SMART Marketplace', a product of kuants that helps users to use and buy Algos.

2. Automated Trading

kuants has developed an in-house platform known as SMART where you can deploy and use any ALGO strategies using your Stockbroker. This process is completely automated and does not require any manual intervention. You can deploy a strategy and sit back and observe it carry out the job. The ALGO automatically runs, finds out opportunities, and executes them on your behalf.

3. One-Click Execution

In kuants, all you require is one click to modify, start or stop any strategy. In the SMART platform, you can use your broker to execute a trade from the Kuants platform. This makes it more convenient as you don’t have to shuffle numerous windows to monitor a trade.

4. Option to Sell your ALGO Strategies

Kuants. offers a separate marketplace called ‘SMART Marketplace’ where you can list your own algo strategies. You can develop multiple strategies and post them on this platform. If a trader is interested to buy your strategy, you get an extra remuneration by using this platform.


As we have seen all the features that the platform offers, let’s see the Products with which you can utilize these features in a seamless way. Kuants includes 2 products that you can use to implement Algo strategies. They are:

1. Algolab


Let’s look at these two products in detail and learn more about their features and pricing.

1. Algolab

Algolab is an in-house platform developed by kuants where you can create Algos and backtest Algo strategies. This platform is easy to use and doesn't require any coding. As most of the other ALGO trading platform requires coding to create any strategy. Here at Algolab, you can generate your own strategy simply by entering the desired parameters.

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In Algolab, you can track your trades, your profit and losses as well as your Rank in all the algos listed on the platform. You can create your own Algo by following some basic simple steps.

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To begin with, go the the ‘Create Algo’ on the right side of the screen. A different window will open where you have to enter the time frame and the candlestick time from on which you want to backtest your strategy.

After that Enter the Stock on which you want to backtest your strategy. Post that enter the ‘Buy Condition’ or the parameters under which a Long trade will be initiated. You can choose any metric like RSI, Open, Close, MA, etc. Choose the Stoploss trigger% as well as Target%. With this, you can backtest your strategy and if found useful, you can implement it on Live markets using the SMART platform.


SMART’ is another platform provided by kuants where you can Discover numerous Algo strategies and employ them. SMART is a marketplace where you can buy and sell Algo strategies. Investors like you can sell their own strategies on smart and earn money.

You can also deposit money into SMART and deploy any algo strategy using your broker. There is no Lock-in-period and you can withdraw your funds anytime your wish.


Here is the dashboard o the SMART marketplace, where you can Discover Algos according to your needs. You also get a Free Risk Assessment Tool that helps you to find out your risk-taking capacity based on the inputs that you provide.

Here you can browse through hundreds of strategies, check their underlying, past performance, etc.

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As seen above, you can analyze the performance of any algo in detail and considering many factors. The minimum investment, Annual Return, and performance graphs are clearly shown for every Algo. Depending on the Strategy, you can subscribe to your required strategy.


The pricing of the kuants app starts from Rs 425 per month and goes all the way up to Rs 7250 per month. A detailed description of the features as per each pack is given below.

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As seen here, the ‘Starter Plan’ is the most inexpensive plan at Rs 425 per month but does not offer much. Whereas the 'Advisory Plan' is the most expensive at Rs 7250 per month but offers too many features that might not be useful for beginners. Due to this, the ‘Pro Plan’ is the most efficient plan according to me as it includes almost all the features that a beginner retail investor would need. It is also economical at Rs 1050 per month.

Apart from this, you will have to pay for the subscription of any Algo strategy that you wish to purchase. The algo strategies start from Rs 2000 on the SMART platform.


As complex as Algo trading sounds, kuants in has made it extremely simple for a beginner trader. Any individual without any prior knowledge of coding or Algo trading can use this platform without any problem. Kuants also provides many learning tools with which you can learn to use the tools provided on the platform more efficiently.

The pricing of the platform is very economical, starting at Rs 425 per month. This is very affordable for beginner traders who want to get a taste of algo trading. The ‘Premium Plan’ at Rs 1050 per month offers the most value.

An added benefit of using this platform is, you can create and Sell your own Algos to other traders. With this, you can trade as well as create a fresh stream of income from the subscription of Algo Strategies.

To summarize, kuants is a great Algo trading platform that is suitable for a range of people, beginning from Beginners to advanced trader. Beginners can begin algo trading at a low cost and Advanced traders can create as well as sell their strategies to other traders.

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kuants is not completely free to use. It provides a 14-day trial period within which you can explore the platform and learn the tools provided. To buy and Sell your own Algo strategies you have to be subscribed to an active Plan. Know more about the details of the plans