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ShareKhan Trade Tiger Review: Trading Platform

Sharekhan is probably one of the oldest names among brokers in India, and was also among the first to offer online trading. Sharekhan is a full service stock broker, who offers a huge range of financial services like trading in equity, currencies, futures and options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, portfolio management and research etc. Simply put, the broker offers trading services across various exchanges including NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

ShareKhan TradeTiger: Review

Sharekhan’s TradeTiger is a downloadable trading platform, allowing traders and investors to trade through desktops and laptops. The main purpose of the platform is to provide professional brokers the experience and power of a broker terminal, which is very well reflected in its design. TradeTiger enables trading across various segments and exchanges through a single trading terminal. Along with the basic features of trading terminal, it also gives traders powerful trading tools like HeatMap, the ability to trade through Excel and real-time market movements and alerts.

ShareKhan TradeTiger: Key Highlights

Like mentioned above, TradeTiger is designed to help professional traders trade fast, so it is not exactly catering to long-term or infrequent traders, who do not need advanced tools. In terms of such tools, TradeTiger offers a huge range of features that make it very effective and powerful as a broker trading terminal. TradeTiger, along with providing a single platform through which one can trade across multiple exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX, also provides an access to the company’s research, background and analysis via calls and on the platform itself.

Along with that, the terminal also provides features like advanced charting, access to advanced trading tools, a huge range of personalisation according to trading needs. In terms of education and knowledge centres, the terminal provides free online training and investor education. All of this is supported by a well-trained dedicated customer support.

TradeTiger caters to all types of traders from beginners to seasoned, and provides access to reliable data. The stock broker does this by a heavy emphasis on research, all of which can be access through either the platform itself, or though phone calls to Sharekhan Research desk. The information itself caters to all type of investing, both fundamental and technical, needless to say, it has one of the best charting tools for spotting trends and trend reversals, and trading opportunities.

In the trading platform, there are advanced tools like Live Market Scanner, HeatMap etc., also bracket orders, trailing stop loss, all of which can help minimize risks and maximise returns.

ShareKhan TradeTiger: Features

Some of the important features of this stock trading and investment portal are:

1. Charts:

TradeTiger has one of the best charting tools to help with stock and portfolio analysis, which has data of 30 – 90 intraday and daily charts since the platform was formed. Along with that, TradeTiger provides over 30 indicators and studies. Operationally, this feature allows multiple charts to be open at a time and linking the charts by period, scrip or exchange, also allowing plot entry, target and exit lines on a chart, which means it also facilitates trading via charts.

2. Market Scanners:

Among the various tools Sharekhan provides, StockScanner helps you identify opportunities through technical analysis, filters help you identify and predict new market highs and lows as well as quantum of bulk deals. HeatMaps basically provide a bird’s eye view of the market. Needless to say, TradeTiger is loaded with features to provide the best trading experience possible.

3. Advanced Trading Features:

In features for advanced traders, ShareKhan in its offering includes option to place bulk order to place multiple orders simultaneously, also allowing to set order quantities through absolute number, trade value or CMP. Along with that, it also allows bracket orders which also are equipped with features like entry, target and stop loss.

4. Hedging Based Trade Features:

For hedgers, TradeTiger offers a bunch of strategies and information to help reduce risk. For example, through option chains, you can get option quotes with a lot of trading strategies in addition to Options Greeks and pay-off information. Along with that, API supports algorithmic functions, which can help you backtest or use your own algorithm in most of the programming languages.

Obviously, it also offers the option to trade directly from Excel, using quotes in excel via software integration, all of which nods to the fact that with TradeTiger, Sharekhan is trying to give the best trading experience possible.

So, that was about ShareKhan Trade Tiger trading platform. Do you have any other points to discuss or add up here, feel free to comment.

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Sharekhan is a bang average stock brokerage site that offers good services and features in its trading facilities, customer service, and reasonable charges for opening a demat and trading account.

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For closing the Sharekhan Demat account, the process is quite simple as with other stock brokers in India. Download the application closure form, fill up the details & submit it in the nearest branch.