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5paisa App Review: Stock Trading Mobile Application

Are you familiar with 5paisa Mobile app? If you have interest in investing or stock trading, you might be aware of this investment platform 5paisa and its mobile trading app. Even if you don't know we'll give you a glimpse of the 5paisa mobile trading app.

  1. 5Paisa is a well-known online discount broker in India that allows users to conduct trading from their smartphone by offering 5Paisa mobile application.  

5Paisa broking house is known to be the fastest growing in the industry. It offers a wide range of services including insurance, wealth management, assets' management, stock and currency broking, financial products offering, credit and finance, mutual funds, bonds, IPOs, ETF, investment banking and advisory services.  

5paisa Mobile App Review

To help its clients in performing stock market trading, they have come up with a mobile trading app that carves a niche in the division with its extraordinary features. The 5Paisa mobile application boasts of smart features that permit traders and investors to trade in mutual funds, stocks and other financial products effectively and adequately.5paisa app is a popular stock market trading application available on android and iOS phones.

It is one of the rapidly growing stock trading mobile app in the industry which has 5 million downloaders, 73% positive rating and 4.1 android version rating.  

Let's gather some useful and in-depth details on this advanced mobile trading app.

5Paisa Mobile App Details

Following are the 5Paisa mobile app details:

1.After login into the mobile application, a dashboard is displayed with information on indices, market movement of few stocks and options of investment in insurance and mutual funds. 

2.The user just needs to enter the script name to get information on specific stocks, charts, company background etc get displayed. 

It offers a broad range of charts such as Line Charts, Bar Charts, Candlestick Charts, Mountains and much more.

3.Users can make a decision to invest in a specific SIP after browsing across multiple mutual funds within the app.

4.In terms of demographic information, income and risk appetite the ‘5Paisa Auto Investor’ feature takes in user inputs and likewise suggests few mutual funds especially which is based on the user information, this will help users to create a personalized investment portfolio. 

5.At fingertips, users can get quick information of the market movers, looser, gainer stocks within the last year or so.

6.Users have the benefit to add favourite scripts into ‘watchlists’ and each watchlist can accommodate fifty such scripts, as per preference users can add up to three watchlists. 

7.The app also offers multiple fundamental and technical analysis features with technical indicators, chart types to go along with heat maps for taking quick judgement. 

8.Additionally, within the app itself, users may choose to opt for a specific insurance plan out of vehicle, life and health insurance. 

Key Features of 5Paisa App

1.5Paisa advanced mobile application has a lot of features which can make investors trading experience truly smooth and profitable simultaneously: 

2.Users allow trading in all segments under a single app such as equity, commodity, currency and derivatives i.e. future and option. 

3.Robo Advisory is a very exciting and unique feature provided by 5Paisa and it is a fully automated trading advisory system. 

4.5Paisa app provides a platform where users can connect with like-minded traders and investors to ask queries. 

5.Users can track their profit and loss across segments including currency and F&O.

6.The E-Mandate feature authorizes auto-debit for mutual fund SIPs from the bank account.

7.Get an option to choose different time settings to range from one minute to one month. 

8.Users also have the option to avail an instant paperless loan with 5Paisa app.

5Paisa Mobile App: Advantages

Following are some benefits of using 5Paisa mobile app for trading:

1.5Paisa app uses 256-bit SSL for the encryption, which provides an additional layer of safety to the clients' information and data stored on the platform.

2.Users can customize and personalize the mobile app as per their preferences including notification, alerts and background settings. 

3.For the application use, demo videos are available which helps you to understand the features in a faster and better way. 

4.You can log in as a guest on this app for free, this gives the advantage of checking the application performance.

5.The mobile app is known for its fastest speed in order execution and overall performance.

5Paisa Mobile App Disadvantages

Following are the disadvantages of using 5Paisa mobile app for trading:

1.Sometimes users get distracted by excessive advertisement and promotion of Mutual Funds, Life Insurance and SIPs. 

2.Although they claim online paperless account opening does not effectively work for most users. 

3.Some of the existing users have also reported unexpected logging off and sluggishness during a trading session. 

4.5Paisa is charging ₹100 for placing per orders through calls, in comparison to peers, call and trade facility is costly. 

Of course, there are various other trending apps like Zerodha Kite 3 that provides a bulk of impressive features. You surely need to check them out as well.

5paisa App: Where to Download?

Now, that you have read all about the features and utility of the 5paisa mobile application. You must be interested in knowing where to get it. As simple as that, you can easily download the 5paisa mobile trading app on the APP store or get it on Google play.

Undoubtedly, you can trade from anywhere easily at your fingertips with the 5Paisa mobile application. It is appropriate for intermediate as well as beginner level traders because of its overall performance and easy to use.

Despite free guest login, security, personalization, customization and live tracking benefits, the 5 paisa stock trading app needs to improve its performance for expert traders, especially who are looking for exhaustiveness in stock market depth. 

Have you tried the 5paisa mobile app? If yes, how was your experience using this highly rated mobile app? If not, which stock trading app do you prefer? Which is the best stock trading app in India? Feel free to share your views on any of the online share trading app.

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5paisa is one of the leading discount brokers in India. So, when it comes to convenience and ease, 5paisa offers trading from anywhere through its fast growing mobile application.