MoneyPot Review
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Moneypot Stock Market Game Simulation Review

Are you looking for a platform which can give you the same feeling of a real-time stock marketing trading? Then MoneyPot is one of the popular platforms to use.

Moneypot offers a virtual platform to all types of traders which range from academic institutions to the expert investors to simulate their investment journey by using virtual money. This is useful to simulate and identify the right investment path without losing the real money in the process.

It has all the essential features such as real-time data and news of stock markets, backtesting facility and more. Whenever the user opens up their account they will be credited with 2 million worth of virtual currency which they can use for trading or investing in various commodities, mutual funds, fixed deposits, shares and so on. Using the platform users can also discuss various investment strategies and share their investment calls on the Money Wall.

MoneyPot: What Is It And How It Works?

As mentioned above, MoneyPot is a virtual platform to invest in various funds without using any real money. Now for those who are wondering, what is a stock simulating platform? Stock simulating platform is a virtual platform which offers the virtual currency to the users whenever they create an account there. Stock simulating platforms are a great way to learn the art of trading without spending real money and analyze various investment paths.

MoneyPot offers a similar concept where users can very easily set up their account by filling up the signup form. After successful signup, 2 million worth of virtual currency will be credited to their account. It has a lot of amazing features which provide the user with a learning platform without losing their money. The platform is also available for various devices so users can analyze their virtual investment anytime and from anywhere.

MoneyPot: Pricing Options

MoneyPot is a free to use platform where users can invest in various funds without spending anything. The virtual currency will be added to their account after signing up and they can spend that money for any type of trading and investment activities.

MoneyPot: Key Features

MoneyPot has a lot of useful features. Some of them are as follows:

1. Virtual Investment Platform:

Anyone can go to the official website or download the application from the app store to start their trading journey virtually. Users can open all types of accounts with no documentation required whatsoever. After creating their account users can then start using the platform for creating their online portfolio by investing in various stocks and funds by using virtual money.

2. Virtual Currency:

No real money is involved in the trading process of MoneyPot. The platform was created to offer a platform where users can learn the art of trading without participating in the real deal. Experienced traders too can use the platform for backtesting and analyzing their investment paths.

3. Real-Time Data:

MoneyPot offers real-time news and data from across all types of funds which give a similar kind of feeling of a real trading application. Real-time data can be used to analyze various investment strategies to generate maximum profit.

4. Community:

Traders can discuss various investment strategies for funding and investment with other traders to learn and share ideas and have fun together. Trade-related articles are also available which can be useful for the first time traders who wish to learn how the stock market works.

5. MoneyWall:

Traders can showcase their trading achievement to other users and share their insights on their training journey using the platform. The ranking system provides a summary of the player's performance in each game.

How To Start Option Trading With MoneyPot? A Step By Step Guide

By using the MoneyPot platform traders can start trading and invest in various real-time funds without spending any real money. Opening an account and using the platform is very easy and it does not require any type of document submission. Step by step guide to open a trading account and investing in various real-time funds using virtual currency are given below.

Step 1:

At first, users need to create their virtual trading account. The process to do so is very easy. Users can follow the below-mentioned steps to open their virtual trading account in MoneyPot.

● Visit the official website of MoneyPot (

● Navigate to the section which says "Signup to create an account on MoneyPot.

Moneypot account opening.jpg

● Basic the basic details for signing up.

● Verify the email address by clicking on the link you will receive on your personal mail ID.

● That's all! The account and portfolio will be created and users will be credited with 2 million worth of virtual currency which they can use for trading.

Step 2: After creating the account users can then click on the "Play Now" button to see the available investment and playing options. All the users will be provided with the real data from the stock market in real-time. Users will also get various trade recommendations for better results.

Moneypot game.jpg

Step 3: Once the suitable fund to invest is finalized by the user, they can continue and select the payment option from the available ones and click on "Buy" to purchase that fund. To purchase any fund users need the below-mentioned details.

● Quantity

● Price

● Target amount.

● Stop Loss amount.

Users can also share their investment details with fellow traders. Users can then visit their order section to track and manage their trade summary anytime they want. Finally, users will be receiving various offers based on their ranking which will be available after each game.

MoneyPot Review

So that's it! This was all about MoneyPot, its features, how it works and finally how one can use the platform and start trading by using the virtual currency. The platform is very easy to use and it can be beneficial to all types of traders.

The platform gives the feel of a real trading app by providing real-time data and news. The account opening process is very easy and there is no need to submit any document to do so.

Finally, the platform offers a great way to interact with the other fellow traders to learn and share investment strategy with each other. All these features make the MoneyPot a leading stock market simulator platform available in the market.

Have you tried the MoneyPot Stock Simulation Game? Any other stock simulator you wish to discuss, feel free to share your views.

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