ICICI Direct Trade Racer
ICICI Direct Trade Racer Review
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ICICI Direct Trade Racer Review: Features, Trading Platform Details

If you are someone that deals with trading daily, then you might have come across several trading platforms that provide its fair share of advantages and few disadvantages. Today, we will take a closer look at a conventional trading platform known as ICICI Direct Trade Racer.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Review

The battle to be crowned as the most influential trading platform in the stockbroking universe is fierce and harsh. There are several trading software’s that out beat each other in one aspect or the other. ICICI Direct Trade Racer trading software is software that provides research calls and live streaming quotes.

The platform also provides other features such as multiple watch list facilities bundled with an integrated fund transfer system. Furthermore, depicting new opportunities to invest and trade can be availed from the trading software.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer is the leading trading software in the full-service stock brokering space. It also enjoys decent brand equity, all thanks to its trading arm in ICICI. The combination of ICICI Direct with trade racer gives birth to the ICICI Direct Trade Racer trading platform.

Clients that utilize the services of this trading platform avail benefits of research-based and fundamental & technical call on making sound investments through its iClick2Gain feature. Thus, there is software that has to be downloaded and then used on a computer system.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform: Features

Here are few important features of this trading platform from ICICI Direct:

1. Live Scanner

Real-time stock canning is an excellent feature that this trading tool offers. It guides you through the highs and lows of the given scrip (based on your selection) on a weekly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

2. Trend Scanner

The software provides all the intraday prices of all the scrips based on their performance. These parameters are set based on your given preference and trading level. Also, the scanner is available on different scrip levels, which include pivot, bullish, bearish, and more.

3. Multiple Views

After logging into the terminal, users can select their views based on their preferences. There are three types of views that include Margin view, Derivatives view, or the Last logged on view, and the Analytical view. The feature may/may not be useful as the trader/investor would have decided what they are looking for from the beginning of the trading session.

4. Watchlist

Through this feature, users can add up to five watchlists and add up to 20 scrips in each of them. It is monitor how each of the stocks is doing and manage your investments accordingly.

5. Easy Access

The trading tool offers users with easy access to the stocks in terms of volume and the highest gainers, active or losers in stock values.

6. Customization

The trading tool is quite flexible in offering users a different way to make it their own. The customizations offered are for the user interface layout, grid layout, color coding, and more, which are attributed based on the requirements and preferences.

7. Heat Maps

Heat maps are the quickest way to determine the stock, which is moving up or down. It is briefly showcased in green (moved up) and red (moved down). This feature helps in quick decision making in crucial times if you are not sure about making a particular investment.

8. Snap View

Another exciting feature of the software is that it provides detailed information about the peer group, market depth, charts, pivot levels, corporate announcements, and more about selected scrips. Though only one can be selected at a time based on the version of the software.

9. Charting Features

The following features help in detailed stock analysis and apply a range of parameters to make a sound investment. Some of which are given below.

(i) Weighted moving average.

(ii) Simple moving average.

(iii) Variable moving average.

(iv) Exponential moving average.

(v) Time series moving average.

(vi)Triangular moving average and more.

(vii) Special filtering

As a full-service stockbroker, it does provide explicit features for all its users. These tips include segmentation and filtering oF scrips based on top performers, high price momentum, top revenue stocks, profitable stocks, and much more.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform: Advantages

1.The customization feature of editing the layout and choosing different themes based on your preference. There are three themes to choose from.

2.For those that are interested in availing high performance with technical assistance, this tool is for you. It’s an advanced trading tool fit for expert traders and investors.

3.Users can access all sorts of information such as indices from international countries such as Asia, the U.S., Europe are provided.

4.The app is regularly updated as per user feedback and requirements. Thus, with multiple requests for widgets, the option is now available. For others, then don’t prefer widgets; a window panel can be used. There are up to 9 widgets that can be added on the same screen provide different functionalities.

5.Excess information regarding the purchase and selling of stock, such as how many have bought the stock? How many have sold it? And its performance? Are all displayed effortlessly in the software.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform: Disadvantages

1.The time taken for a bug to be addressed and fixed in any given interval of time is high. Though there are updates rolled out, the time between each update varies significantly.

2.For those that have a slower internet connection, at peak times, the software will lag, and showcasing the live market may/may not be feasible.

3.The prices are one of the most significant disadvantages of the stockbroker. They are non-negotiable and are quite expensive in comparison to others.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform: Cost

Though the application is free to download, there are other charges which are levied on the transaction. There is a 15 rupees charge on intraday trading. Delivery start from 0.15% to 0.25%. margin funding starts from 8.9% p.a. and options trading is 20 rupees per order.


Through this comprehensive take on the ICICI Direct Trade Racer trading platform, one must go through the pros and cons of the trading software and then make their decision. Though it’s a professional trading tool, it’s not meant for beginners. So, think wisely in this aspect and also explore other options that are feasible.

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