Angel Broking: Commodity Trading: Brokerage, Charges, Reviews: 2024

Angel broking does provide trading in the commodity segment through the MCX and NCDEX. To trade in such an account, users will have to open a commodity trading account. The charges are quite reasonable where it has a flat charge of 15 rupees.

Angel broking is a premier stockbroker in the country with well over 100+ branches spread across the country with 11,000 sub-broker branches. It's quite popular given its trading platforms and the discount brokerage plans it offers in the commodity and other segments.

About Commodity Trading with Angel Broking

The brokerage charge associated with commodity trading with the stockbroker is flat 15 rupees for trades that are less than or equal to 50,000 rupees. Its flat 30 rupees for orders above 50,000 rupees. There is no annual maintenance charge involved. Call and trade facilities will set you back 20 rupees per trade.

All the trades being executed are made through its dedicated trading platforms. These platforms include Angel Broking app, Angel Broking Trade, and Angel Broking Pro. Each one of them having their pros and are free to use for all Angel Broking user. But then, if you look closely at the margins offered by the stockbroker, users can only avail a margin of three times and nothing more.

Benefits of Commodity Trading with Angel Broking

Following are the advantages of Commodity Trading with Angel Broking:

1.Great Leverage: The stockbrokers' leverage to its customers is up to 40 times, making it one of the highest in the industry.

2. Reports that are Researched: Multiple reports are offered, such as technical reports, fundamental reports, knowledge series reports, and more.

3. Reliable Service: The stockbroker comprises of more than 10 lakh customers and received several awards and recognitions for the services it has to offer.

4. Extensive Network: The network is enormous, where they have centers in more than 900 cities with excellent customer care associations.

Cons of Commodity Trading with Angel Broking

Following are the disadvantages of Commodity Trading with Angel Broking:

1. Extra Charges for Call and Trade: Charging 20 rupees for calling and trading is absurd. Other stockbrokers offer this service for free.

2. Unavailability of 3-in-1 Account: There is a 3-in-1 account, but then a 2-in-1 account is available. With other brokers, you can activate the commodity segment easily. But you have to submit unique forms and request activation with Angel Broking, which is time consuming.

Angel Broking Review

Angel Broking is one of the leading discount stock brokers that offers reliable trading tools with reasonable brokerage fees. Choosing the services offered will not disappoint.