What are Angel Broking Trading Platforms and Apps?

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Angel Broking Limited is a full-service retail broker providing its services in the Indian subcontinent. There are basically five ways you can trade through Angel Broking that have been discussed here.

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Established in the year 1987, Angel Broking Limited is a full-service stock broker offering products and services in the India. Mainly, the broker provides brokerage and advisory services, provides margin funding, advisory on mutual funds and Portfolio Management Services.

Moreover, the broker also provides loans against such shares purchased, through another one of its subsidiary, Angel Fincap Private Limited. The broker, being a member of BSE, NSE, MSEI, NCDEX & MCX, is also a Depository Participant with CDSL, through which it also offers demat account and other such depository services.

The company is especially popular among traders and investors for its technologically integrated platforms, strong research and advisory services, despite flat fee brokerage plans. Angel Broking is one of the few full-service stock brokers that do so. Moreover, to compete with discount stock brokers, Angel Broking started offering the 'Angel iTrade PRIME Plan', which is a flat brokerage fee plan under which the company charges a brokerage fee of ₹20 across all segments except Equity Delivery. There are no charges for equity in delivery based transactions.

Being a full-service stock broker, Angel Broking focuses on research services. The research team conducts thorough technical and even fundamental research, which is published in a range of reports on stocks, companies, IPOs and markets.

Angel Broking Trading Platforms

There are basically five ways you can trade through Angel Broking.

1. Angel SpeedPro - Desktop Trading App

Angel SpeedPro is their offered desktop trading application, which kind of provides a terminal-like an experience to traders. The broker’s customers can download this application for usage in personal computers and laptops, and simply connect to the internet and trade. The broker with its desktop trading application offers a range of advanced and essential features to analyse and trade all of the segments offered.

2. Angel Broking Trade - Online Trading Website

Their web based trading platform is called the Angel Broking Trade. In it, they offer a ton of features to manage and divest your portfolio, identify and grab opportunities with access to the latest and frequently updated research information, providing a rather quick trading experience.

3. Angel Broking App - Mobile Trading App

The company’s mobile based application is simply called Angel Broking app, and is available on all major provider’s application stores. The application is powered by ARQ, a data-driven recommendation engine, that kind of uses latest machine learning tools and cognitive algorithms and expert insights to recommend suitable mutual funds and stocks.

4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool)

While this is not one of the platforms, ARQ is one of the major tools that the brokerage provides. Angel ARQ, a rule-based investment engine that helps in personalized investments across stocks and mutual funds. It is programmed in a way that it provides the best asset allocation advice after understanding your risk preferences.

5. Angel Call & Trade Services

Finally, Angel Broking also offers the old school call & trade services where you, the customer can simply place orders over the phone. Each customer is said to be allocated a dedicated dealer for their needs, and the the name and number of the specific dealer are included in the welcome kit sent at the time of account opening. The customer can simply call and ask the dealer to place an order, which is charged at a flat brokerage of Rs. 20.

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