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ICICI Direct Mobile App Review
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ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App Review

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App is a well-known stock market mobile application available in India. They offer the same advanced features that its customers experience on ICICIdirect.com. We will have a detailed review of ICICI Direct Trading App, its key features, and more. 

About ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App

As ever-increasing businesses are being connected to the internet and similarly the need for the online trading platform has become very important nowadays. ICICI is the biggest name in the Indian financial industry. 

Undoubtedly, ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App replaces all other trading platforms of ICICI such as web application and trade racer terminal. Since trading through mobile is extremely convenient for users and day by day ICICI direct mobile app is getting popular. 

The app allows users to trade online in Mutual Funds, IPOs, equity and equity F&O, etc. You can view live stock quotes, an equity portfolio, market watch, charts and your net worth. Apart from this, you can get alerts and research calls on a real-time basis. 

Also, the app comes with the multiple features which other trading platforms don’t provide, its usability is very decent and quite user friendly. 

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App: Key Features

The app needs to work upon in terms of its current features and for its usage. But, before we conclude anything specifically, let's have a look at the features provided by it, they are mentioned below:

1. Market Watch 

As you login into the mobile app, you will get the latest data feed on the home screen which includes Nifty and Sensex along with a summary of market movers stocks for the day and glimpse of the scripts in the market watch. 

2. Top Gainers & Losers Stocks

You may choose to click on the gainer and losers tab and quickly go through top gainer and loser stocks of the day, also of the week in detail. This is a very helpful feature for the users, especially for those who perform intraday trading or that are looking for short-term quick profits.

3. Heat Map Format

Users are allowed to view different stocks in a heat map format within the mobile app, by which stocks are coded in colour according to their momentum. Therefore, red colour implies the stock has declined in value and green ones have seen a gain in their value. These colours can also be customized according to users preferences. 

4. Detailed Scrips View 

The user can easily view complete details of a particular scrip, by entering the few characters and the corresponding results will be automatically shown below the text box. At a particular point in time, multiple data points are directly fed from the index that gives a detailed view of the stocks. 

5. Watchlists

In this feature, you can add multiple watchlists with the limit of up to 50 scrips in each watchlist. After creating a watchlist, it is automatically reflected on the home screen of the mobile app. 

6. Scrip Grid View

The app offers its users to view the scrips in a grid view and simultaneously shuffle across multiple segments. With just a single click, users can view top stocks from a particular segment. 

7. Reporting and Charting

This is designed for users to perform fundamental and technical analysis and charting functionality is available within the app. 

8. Mutual Funds Investment

The app also offers the option to buy mutual funds through the mobile app itself to its users. 

9. One-Time Login

In the latest version of this trading app, users just required to log in at one-time, without going through the pain of entering username and password every time to open the app. 

ICICI Mobile Trading Direct App: Steps to Open Demat Account & Download App

First, you need to own this app, to start trading with ICICIDirect Mobile App. Following are the steps:

1.Just fill-up the form for opening a Demat account with ICICI Direct. 

2.Within 24 hours you will receive a call from an ICICIDirect representative.

3.Share the required documents so that your account gets easily opened in the 3-5 days. 

4.Once your Demat account is opened, you will receive a confirmation mail with the login credentials. 

5.Download ICICI Direct App on your mobile which is free.

6.You may log in now by using Client ID & password.

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App: Advantages

 There are many advantages for which investors may opt for this app:

1.Users may invest in mutual funds along with stock market trading.

2.It is an all-inclusive app in terms of mobile app features. 

3.Users can also invest in IPOs, with the help of this app.

4.ICICIDirect mobile app is available for Windows, iOS and Android Operating systems. 

5.Reports, recommendations, news, research and tips are available in the trading app itself. 

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App: Disadvantages

1.Users might be facing certain concerns while operating the mobile application, they are listed below:

2.Mobile application performance is mediocre, users may find it freezing and hanging at times. 

3.Compared to other mobile trading apps, charts feature are not interactive enough. 

4.The trading app doesn't allow users to trade in the commodity market.

5.This app is updated very rarely i.e more than 6-7 months, while some best mobile apps get updated within 2-3 weeks. 

6.The overall performance of this app is pretty average since the app is reasonably slow. 

7.Sometimes there are issues while log in into the application. 

8.The working of this mobile trading app is difficult to understand because it is having an overall complex design. 

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App Review

ICICI is a decade old company and since its inception, it is very consistent in its services. It indicates the reliability and trustability of the app.

ICICIDirect is a reputable app with loads of attractive features. It is a lightweight mobile application and thus occupied very less space on the phone. Many unique features are also the reasons why investors should consider this app. 

Apart from the few drawbacks, it is a budget-friendly app which is fit for all your trading needs. As a stock market beginner, you can go with ICICI Direct mobile app undoubtedly. However, if you are an advanced trader and looking for any specific features, so before making any buying decision you may want to scan the market for a better comparison.

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