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Angel Broking App Review: Download Stock Trading App

The 21st century has seen a radical change in the technology sector. The same has been reflected upon the way the stock market is working as of now. Mobile devices have become the center of technological innovation with “trading on the go” being popularized. Angel broking has an extensive array of trading application. One of them happens to be a Mobile version of trading effortlessly.

What is Angel Broking App?

Angel Broking App is a stock market trading app developed by Angel Broking for its customers and other traders. The app is well built, which uses ARQ technology to maximize the efficiency of the investment engine and make it as real and authentic as possible.

ARQ technology helps in remaining updated throughout the years about the top-performing stocks and mutual funds. The mobile application is available both on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Both are quite similar and offer comprehensive features.

The application is quite advanced amongst the several trading mobile applications in India. It offers trading in almost all segments including commodities, equity, currency, derivates at NCDEX, BSE, NSE and MCX.

The app provides an iTrade prime plan where users get premium services of zero-brokerage fee with no hidden charges for lifetime validity. Also, the company has a brokerage fee of 20 rupees for all trades except equity delivery trading. Apart from this mobile trading application, Angel Broking provides a computer software application and web-based trading platforms.

A user-friendly interface with no complex maneuvers to be made in trading. There are live charts of the market that helps in depicting the type of investment to be made. Updates are rolled out constantly to simplify the app and make it faster and better.

Important: If the application hasn’t been used for three months, and there isn’t any transaction carried out in this period, the access to the app will be disabled. The user will have to submit a written proposal stating the reason for not using the application to the Angel branch in person.

Angel Broking App ARQ: Features

Following are the main features of the Angel Broking App:

1. Alerts & Notifications

The mobile app pushes notifications in terms of stock inflation/deflation, payment updates, stock market trends and more. Custom notifications based on the information required are also available.

2.Comprehensive Portfolio

From a single page, the applications user interface helps in tracking all the investments of different sector and checking out other potential investment endeavours as well. With an ARQ based portfolio health check, give yourself the chance of investment in certain commodities to maximize your returns.

3. Trading Made Easy

With a few simple clicks,* making investments get simple and straightforward either from the comfort of your home or office. There are well over 40+ charts, overlays and indicators that assist in making your next investment.

4. Advisory Services

Feel like having new investment ideas? Then the trading applications ARQ technology integrated with a rule-based investment engine helps users to make sound investments through our personalized suggestions. Accessing your last ten transaction from the ledger, DP and Fund report is feasible through the application.

5. Access to Live Market Data

There is no chance that you would miss out on the market sheets. It’s quite extensive and allows the user to know the various fluctuations of the market effortlessly.

6. Applying an IPO gets quicker

Being a mobile application, you hardly need a few clicks to get things done. For applying for an IPO, then you can do so with three simple clicks*.

*Tentative to change based on the version of the application and the software platform.

Angel Broking App: Key Highlights

Here are some of the key highlights of the Angel Broking Share Trading App:

All-in-one Mobile Stock Market

This powerful tool is all you need to get the latest and most significant developments of the stock market universe (both nationally and internationally). Get the latest news, real-time updates, reports and more at the touch of your fingertips. It also has integration with more than 40 banks all across the country and one of its kind to integrate UPI based payments.

Salient Features of Angel Broking App

The stock market application offers key features such as:

1. Market Research

Receive real-time updates of the stock market at your fingertips. The application helps in keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in the stock market. Comparing and researching about the investment you wish to make is all available through the mobile app.

2. Stock ideas

AI, machine learning and rule-based investment engine helps in giving safe and secure investable ideas for users to make sound investments.

3. Global Recognition

For the exhaustive array of service that the mobile application offers, it was awarded the “Best Mobile Trading App” by Global Marketing Excellence Awards in 2016. In the same year, it received another award for “ARQ” for “Launch of the Year” and “Award for Technology effectiveness.”

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