Angel Broking: Currency Trading: Brokerage, Charges, Reviews: 2024

Angel broking provides currency trading options with the brokerage fee of 20 rupees per order executed. Currency trading can be executed through its trading tools available online via their website, software and mobile application.

Angel broking happens to be a full-service stock broker that offers a broad array of investment opportunities in the stock market. Along with this, currency trading is also possible. There is no need for a Demat account but only a currency trading account. Moreover, opening the account is free of cost and the charge is only associated via the brokerage fee capped on every trade.

Currency Trading via Angel Broking

Availing currency trading can be implemented through the trading account opened with Angel broking. The process of opening the account is quite simple. Provide your KYC details along with the margin of deposit to start trading in the segment.

The brokerage charged on currency trading is capped at 20 rupees per trade or order executed. however, there could be other charges associated that can be determined through the brokerage calculator provided. But if you’re a new user, then the maintenance charge is eliminated for the first year. However, from the second year, it’s around 450 rupees annually.

Benefits of currency trading with angel broking

  1. There are no account maintenance charges for the first year.
  2. Insider trading is eliminated.
  3. Lower transaction costs associated.
  4. 24/7 online services with adequate back-end support.
  5. The stockbroker provides comparatively lower brokerage charges to others provides in currency trading.
  6. There is no middle person for any transaction to be executed. It’s a simple, seamless and straightforward process.
  7. The lot size is standardized, meaning the units of currency range from 1,000 – 1,00,000 units.
  8. Any transactions that users might execute are instantaneous without any delay.

Angel Broking Currency Trading

The stockbroker is a full-fledged broker that provides surplus tools and services in currency trading. Based on your requirements, trading with the stockbroker will not disappoint and provide a productive association. However, the drawbacks include the research that are quite bleak, and the tools might not be powerful enough for a few traders/investors. Other than this, it’s a platform that will fulfil all your currency trading priorities.