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Groww App Review: Mutual Funds & Stock Investing Platform

If you are looking for good and easy to use mutual funds and stock investing application then, Groww is the one you should be using. Groww, a fast-growing investment platform, which lets users invest in various stocks and mutual funds online.

Groww: A Quick Review

It is very easy to use and one can very quickly set up their account and start trading in stocks and invest in various mutual funds directly from their mobile phone. It is a Bangalore-based startup which has over 2.5 million users, who use the platform every day for their trading needs.

Groww hosts over thousands of mutual funds and stocks where users can invest directly in just a few simple clicks. Here we will be exploring about the Groww app, its features, how it works, pricing options and finally how to use the platform for trading in stocks. So, let's grab important details on this fast growing and popular Mutual fund and Stock Investing App in India.

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Groww Stock Investing App: What Is It And How It Works?

As mentioned above, by using Groww app users can very easily invest in stocks and mutual funds right from their mobile phone. The app interface is very much user-friendly, which makes it easy to use for anyone. The application is equipped with well-guided steps for first-time users.

After downloading and installing the app, users need to create their account by filling up their basic details like name, date of birth and so on. In the next step, users need to complete the KYC process by uploading their ID card and verifying their bank account. After completing the initial account creation process users can then explore various stocks and mutual funds from the home page.

It also has an easy filter option where users can select in which type of stocks they wish to invest. In the final stage, users can add the selected stock to the cart and make the payment to invest in that stock. Later users can also track their investments directly from their dashboard.

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Groww Stock Investing App: Pricing Options

Groww stock investing app is free to use app but there are certain types of charges that users need to pay for few services. For example, to open a Demat account, users need to pay a one-time fee of 200 INR. Users also need to pay various monthly maintenance charges which are usually 25 INR+GST and various other SEBI or Government charges for investing and to redeem.

Groww Mutual Fund & Stock Investing App: Key Features

Groww is an amazing application, which is equipped with a lot of features and options to offer an engaging experience to the users. Some of the key features of Groww are as follows:

1. Easy Touch ID login:

As mentioned above, Groww app is very easy to use. It is also known to form its amazing security features. Users can set various login options such as Touch ID, which helps the users log into the application very easily. It also makes useful if one finds it difficult to remember having to remember their username and password.

2. Stocks & Mutual Funds Option:

After logging into the account, the user can invest in various stocks and mutual funds and they can also switch between them very easily. This feature is very useful for those who want to have both the investment options in just one app.

3. Stocks Collections:

Groww recently added stock investment function, where users can find some of the popular stock options and invest in them. One can explore top gainers and losers, filter the available stocks by setting up different attributes and finally buy them in just a few simple clicks.

4. Display Popular Mutual Funds:

Users can choose from some of the most popular mutual funds and invest in them very easily. It offers more than thousands of mutual funds option to the users.

5. Fund Comparison:

The Fund Comparison feature allows users to compare different stocks and mutual funds and pick the right one for them. It is also very useful for deciding the investment strategy while investing in any fund.

6. Quick Access:

The quick action feature provides the frequently visited options so that users can access them easily.

7. Dashboard:

One of the most important features, where users can track all the investments in one place. Users can analyse and manage their investments and also invest directly from their dashboard. The dashboard is split into two parts, such as stock and mutual fund performance.

8. Easy Payment Options:

While purchasing any stocks or mutual funds users can pay through various payment methods, which ranges from Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI and so on. Groww also let the user pay for their funds through SIP or as a one-time payment.

How to Use Groww Mutual Fund & Stock Investing App? A Step By Step Guide

By using the Grow Stock Investing platform use can invest in both stocks and mutual fund. To perform these functions one needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1:

The first step is the account set up process, which can be done by following the below-mentioned steps.

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1.At first, users need to go the app store and search by typing Groww Stock Investing App.

2.Download and Install the application.

3.Sign up using the email address and phone number.

4.Complete the KYC process and finally, verify the bank account details.

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Step 2:

After finishing the account set up process users can then go to the home page and explore various stocks and mutual funds there.

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Users can always switch between stocks and mutual funds. The filter feature can be used to explore and select the appropriate investment option. Users can also compare different investment options, analyse their past performances and much more.

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Step 3:

After finding the suitable stocks or investment option, users can then process for stage 3, which is purchasing the fund. Groww offers various payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, and UPI for making payments. While purchasing any stocks users can also select the funding options like SIP or the one-time payment.

After purchasing any stocks or funds it may take a few days to reflect on the user dashboard, after which users can directly analyze and manage it from their dashboard menu.

Groww App Review: Final Words

That's it! This was all about Groww, it features, how it works, plans and pricing options and finally how one can use the platform for investing in various stocks and funds. The application offers a very clean and user friendly, which makes it one of the leading stock investing platform and offer the best trading experience to all type of investors.

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