Sharekhan: Currency Trading: Brokerage, Charges, Reviews: 2024

Yes, currency trading is available as a trading option with Sharekhan. All the transactions are carried out through the NSE, MCX-SX, and USE. However, for those looking to trade in the currency segment, they will require a trading account to be set up with Sharekhan. Moreover, the brokerage charges are comparatively lower and offers a broad range of benefits in currency trading.

Sharekhan happens to be the 3rd largest stockbroker in the country, offering trading in almost all trading segments of the Indian stock market. Users can use the stockbroker to invest in the stock market's currency segment through the USE, NSE, and MCX-SE. The company's average brokerage fee on the trade executed is 30 rupees of 2.50% per lot, whichever is higher. For currency, futures is 0.10%.

The stockbroker also provides great trading platforms such as trade tiger, Sharekhan website, share khan mini, and the share khan application. We have provided them below for the benefits of using Sharekhan in trading in the currency segments.

Benefits of using Sharekhan for Currency Trading

1. Multiple Markets: Users can use share khan to trade in multiple markets such as the NSE, MCX-SE, and USE. These are the recognized currency exchange markets in the country.

2. Low Brokerage Fee: The platform has a lower brokerage plan where you would have to pay 30 rupees per trade, making it the lowest in its category, maximizing your profits.

3. Transparent Accounting: All of the trade details, along with the different charges and other services incurred with each trade, can be accessed. It's a transparent stockbroker with nothing to hide.

4. Accurate Research: There is proper research on currency trading daily, making it beneficial for traders to invest in the segment.

5. Risk is a Minimum: The contracts issued are guaranteed by the clearing corporation, which eliminates any risks that might be non-performing.

Sharekhan Currency Trading

Share khan, a premier stock broker that offers explicit currency trading options. It ensures that users can easily trade in the segment without any issues, thanks to its applications and trading platforms. Even the brokerage fees are low when compared to other brokers.