Can you invest in US stocks with the HDFC Sky app?

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Short Answer

Yes, you can invest in US stocks and securities with the HDFC Sky app. Moreover, there are many more investible options provided by them.

Detailed Answer

HDFC Securities recently gave the Indian audience very good news. The platform they brought has given hope to many investors who were looking for a trusted source.

There is a lot going on right now with HDFC Sky. You will be surprised by the level of features that this app is offering.

The app provides the following options for investments:

  • Indian Equities
  • US Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Fixed Income Securities etc.
  • Futures
  • Currencies
  • Cash
  • Derivatives, etc.

In short, more than 3500 companies (listed) are available on HDFC Sky. Along with it, over 100 ETFs, 2000+ mutual fund options, automated SIPs, and whatnot. For the users, it is a good chance to diversify their portfolio and engage in basket trading.

Alternatives to HDFC Sky

Investing in US stocks can be a big deal if you are in another country. People want to expand their reach but unfortunately, not every platform offers it. Apart from HDFC Sky, here are some alternatives.

1. Groww

With the Groww app, you can easily invest in US stocks as well as ETFs. It is mainly suited for investors who are cost-conscious. Generally, the brokerage charged on such stocks is high.

But Groww has affordable fees. They charge only $0.02 for each transaction. And that is why it is a very popular choice among Indian investors.

2. ICICI Direct

The next one is ICICI Direct, which is a great investment broker in India. Here also you can put money in US Stocks and ETFs. You can use their interactive insights and tools to analyze.

It is ideal for professional investors. The main reason is because it is quite advanced and comprehensive.

3. INDmoney

The last one is INDmoney. Most people haven’t heard this name, because it is a mobile app-based broking platform only. It provides investment services, saving tools, and personal financial planning services.

You can easily invest in US stocks with INDmoney. Moreover, they will give you advisory services too.

HDFC Sky allows you to invest in US stocks from India. But there are many other alternatives in the market too.

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