Which is the Best Broker to invest in US stocks from India?

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INDmoney seems to be ranking high amongst best stock brokers to invest in US stocks from India. You can begin investing in US stocks by opening a commission-free account. Additionally, it provides a safe platform for investing in IPOs of US companies and offers a lot more features.

Detailed Answer

Portfolio diversification is the process of spreading your investments across a range of financial products, markets, and other areas. Now that access to international markets is so simple, we can diversify our portfolio by making investments in international markets like US markets also.

However, there are some obstacles to investing in the global market. The main ones include limitations on inward investment (such as investment screening procedures ) as well as unfair taxation policies and different kinds of charges.

Today, we'll look at the Best Indian Stock Broker who makes it simple to invest in US stocks.

Ways to invest in US stocks from India

There are mainly two ways of investing in the US stock market from India:

1. Domestic Stock Brokers

You can directly invest in US stocks through domestic brokers who have partnerships with US brokers. Example: Groww, Vested, and INDmoney are a few of the domestic brokers.

2. Foreign Stock Brokers

TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Interactive Brokers, and Webull are a few examples of foreign brokers where you can open an account and invest in US stocks.

Benefits of Investing in US Stocks

  1. Portfolio Diversification: It helps in stabilizing your portfolio under different geographical and political instability.
  1. Fractional Shares: You can purchase fractions of shares, such as 0.2 (20%) of an Apple share.
  1. Better returns: Companies like Apple, Meta, and Google offer better returns

Which is the Best Broker to invest in US stocks from India?

Here is a popular name in the stock market:


INDmoney is a financial management app that allows you to invest directly in US stocks from India. Through it, you can buy fractional shares of publicly traded companies like Apple and Amazon that are otherwise beyond a regular investor’s budget.

Indmoney has a partnership with Drivewealth, LLC, a licensed US broker, through which you can open an account there. INDmoney oversees all paperwork and transactions from the US to India.

Features of INDmoney

  • Most efficient account opening procedure.
  • Absolutely no account opening or maintenance fees
  • Clean UI, excellent performance
  • INDmoney allows you to track all of your investments in one place.
  • With a pro plan, you can get financial advice from the professionals.
  • Apart from the stocks, you can invest in IPOs of US countries through INDmoney.

INDmoney Charges

INDmoney US Stocks charges:

  • US Stocks A/C opening- ₹0/-
  • Fund Withdrawal Charges- $5 (lowest in India)
  • Tracking charges- ₹0/-
  • Account maintenance charges- ₹0/-
  • Trading charges- ₹0/-

Is INDmoney Safe ?

Yes, the INDmoney app is secure and registered with SEBI. INDmoney asks permission to access your messages and emails in order to track your purchases, including credit card and bank transactions. It only reads the required information.

Best Broker to invest in US stocks from India

INDmoney is one of the popular broker to invest in US stocks from India. Its platform for investing in US stocks is incredible because there are no commission fees or foreign remittance fees. It also offers a wide range of features and a secure platform for tracking all of your investments in one place.

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