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Sharekhan Mobile App Review
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Sharekhan Mobile Trading App Review

Sharekhan is probably one of the oldest names among brokers in India, and was also among the first to offer online trading. Sharekhan is a full service stock broker, who offers a huge range of financial services like trading in equity, currencies, futures and options, Mutual Funds, Bonds, portfolio management and research etc.

Simply stating, the discount broker provides trading services across different exchanges including NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

ShareKhan Mobile App: Overview

ShareKhan’s Mobile application, offers trading on the go anytime, anywhere and in a number of different segments. The application is very well designed in terms of user interface, and it offers trading in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. All the Sharekhan customers are eligible to download and use the application to trade in equities, currencies, future and options as well as commodities.

In terms of specific offerings, ShareKhan takes care of all types of traders alike. For Investors, the application, along with offering investment across stocks, commodities, mutual funds, bonds and IPO, offers a single platform for all investing and monitoring needs, because it intends to be this hassle free application which can act as a one stop destination for people who do not want to spend a lot of time with the procedural aspects of investing.

Along with that, the application provides mutual fund investments, including regular investments in SIP, provides free research and recommendations, and in fact also provides buying recommendations.

For traders, along with the aforementioned benefits, the application also provides a ton of charting and measurement tools. The dashboard is insightful and provides a comprehensive view of market movements. Along with that, when away from set-ups, traders can use the application to get real time stats of stocks, futures and options. If required, the application also offers features like selling against margin, bracket orders, etc, along with providing access to ‘Pattern Finder’ for new trading ideas.

ShareKhan Mobile App : Features

Here are some of the important features of this app:

1. The Virtual Portfolio:

One of the selling features of Sharekhan is their Portfolio supplu, which they have also added to their mobile application. Accessible through script search page, the feature is perfect for investors and traders alike, as it removes the hassle of accessing the website or terminal every time one has to check about updates on their portfolio.

2. Advanced Charting

The application has made several in-depth charts available, including Candle Stick, Retracement Line, Bollinger Band, RSI, Moving Average, to name a few. However, it should be noted that one has to possess some amount of technical prowess to effectively utilise these.

From organisational perspective, the developers are trying to include more charts. Market analytics, as well as alerts and updates provided by the application help with trading as well, because as any trader knows, sometimes it does become all about the timing.

For traders, then, it might happen that the charting might not be adequate, one can always use the website or terminal for enhanced performance. Recently, they have added Renko charts.

3. Advanced Search:

The application comes with an advanced search feature which help in searching for stocks with various different features used by professional stock traders.

4. Option Chain

This particular feature on the application is meant for the traders who trade/invest in options. The application provides an option to trade in futures and options, along with providing a detailed quote for all such assets, helping with analysis. This also helps traders and investors to track all of their options contracts on a single page, allowing them to see till what date they can be exercised and which contracts might expire next.

5. Trade, Invest and Track!

Using this mobile trading application, one can easily invest in NSECURR, MCXCURR as well as MCX, along with having an option to trade in Mutual Funds as well, which also allows you to see all mutual fund investment changes at one place, also showing changing in NAV values.

Do you have any experience using the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App? Do share your feedback on it.

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