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Investar India Stock Market Software Review

Investar India is a well-known stock trading software that can be used to find trading ideas. It is an integrated investment tool for Indian stock market analysis which offers technical analysis, fundamental analysis, portfolio management and screening features to their users. It also offers a varied range of financial products and services.

Investor India also launched ‘Investor Lite’ which is the new version of their product and this is ideal for learners and students. This is for anyone who is eager to trade in the stock market and it is available free for a lifetime (at no cost).

Main features included in Investor Lite are:

1.Technical scans such as 52 weeks high/low, bullish, bearish MACD crossovers.

2.A 5 years of EOD historical data of BSE, NSE, NSE F&O, MCX and NCDEX. 

3.Technical indicators such as EMA, SMA, MACD, ADX.

4.Several ways to zoom in and zoom out of the charts and many more. 

Investar India: Key Points

Based on the concept of investment networking, is an investment community site. It has the following salient features:

1.One can view both fundamentals and charts at the same time.

2.Investors who have a proven track record one can get stock ideas from them. 

3.Other users who have given Stock Picks we can also check their track records. 

4.Through the web, we can track our favourite stocks.

5.The Investor India site automatically updates rating which is based on the Stock Pick posted by us and it also calculates the performance rating of each and every Pick posted. 

6.We can join communities through the web and interact with the experts to know their opinions on our favourite stocks. 

Investar India: Stock Trading Software


Investar India stock trading software provides end of day version for future and options, NSE stocks and MCX, Intraday/Short Term/Long Term/F&O capital gains and NCDEX commodity futures. Apart from this, it also has many benefits to offer for its users, some of which are its user-friendly mobile and desktop trading platform, low trading fees. 

It also offers a lot of research tools like smart search, smooth uploading of charts and enough backfill data. It has an easy user interface for investors. These tools provide an easy insight to traders who are new to the market with a tiger eye view of the market trends. 

There are many expert advisors that the platform offers that aids budding investors in decision making. One can also save time by using Integrated Technical & Fundamentals with online tutorials and webinars on trading techniques, futures and options basics and the basics of currencies.


There are some back draws though. Customer support is poor and they are not providing any backtesting feature to users for testing strategies. Also, as compared to other software available in the market, it is a little expensive. Many users suggest them to improve and add some more addons for the mobile app.

Investar India: Stock Trading Software Features

Investar India software offers technical analysis, fundamental analysis, portfolio management and screening features of Indian stock market. It has the following salient features:

1.Resistance and Supply, Auto-Support and Demand Zones powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2.Auto-Divergence and Auto-Trend Lines powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

3.Auto-Updating EOD Technical Screener and Live Intraday.

4.Auto- Harmonic Pattern powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5.Offer Smartphone and Tablet Apps (Android and iOS) to clients.

6.With the free technical analysis training, can get up to 85% accuracy.  

7.Integrated Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

8.Auto-Updating Live Market Data and EOD. 

9.Provide Real-time Data with one-minute updates for F&O and NSE.

Investar India: Benefits

Investar India is beneficial for everyone who is interested in Indian Stock Market, whether an Intraday trader, Long-Term and Short-Term trader, Broker, Chartered Accountants, Technical Analyst, Students, Housewife or any other individual investors. 

For Traders (Including Intraday Traders)

1.On a daily basis get new stock ideas and analyze fundamentals to select stocks for investing in the market.


2.By analyzing the technical traders can decide when to buy and sell the stocks. 

3.They can use ‘Maintain a Trading Diary’ feature in which they maintain notes of entered and exited stock positions. 

4.Traders can easily import their transactions from the broker for a persistent track of their portfolio. 

5.With the help of ‘Portfolio Technical View’, they can track the technical picture of all the portfolio holdings. 

6.By viewing portfolio buys/sells on the chart, traders can improve their stock buy/sell timings.


7.Traders can adopt principles of sound money management, by using stop losses and portfolio alters.

To find out intraday resistance and support levels, intraday traders can use the ‘View Pivot Point-Based Support Resistance Lines’ feature. 

Analysis cross-checked with the in-build Expert Advisor. 

2. For Technical Analysts

1.With the help of 190+ Indicator, Fundamental Scans and Candlestick, technical analysts can get F&O and new stock ideas on a daily basis and for their clients, they can also generate Stock Picks.

2.For sophisticated analysis, technical analysts can easily export Indian market data to widely used software like - Metastock.

3.To perform technical analysis they can use powerful indicators.

4.By analyzing more charts in less time analysts can increase their efficiency. 

3. For Brokers and Chartered Accountants

Investar India provides ‘ODIN’ for importing transaction data from the ODIN terminal. This is the easiest way for their clients to update their own portfolio. 

Chartered Accountants’ clients can use powerful ‘Portfolio Manager’ to calculate Short-Term, Long-Term, Intraday and F&O capital gains and can easily send the exported file to their CAs. However, for CAs it cut down the time which is required in calculating taxes. 

4. For New Investors 

Novice investors can use in-build ‘Expert Advisor’ which do double-check their Stock Picks and can learn fundamental and technical analysis. It’s like having a Stock Guru for them. 

1.They can easily import transactions from brokers and keep a constant track of their portfolio.

2.With the help of ‘Trading Diary’, they can maintain notes for transactions. 

3.Beginners can improve their buy/sell timings by viewing portfolio buys/sells on the chart.

5. For Students

1.Investar India provides a free Lite version for students.

2.Students can also use ‘Expert Advisor’ to learn fundamental and technical analysis. 

Investar India not only provides a great decision-making software for traders but it is designed for everyone who wishes to trade or invest effectively in the Indian stock market. 

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How is Investar India Software for Technical Analysis?

Investar India claims it to be an India based Stock Market Software, which offers various crucial functionalities such as Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

Investar India claims it to be an India based Stock Market Software, which offers various crucial functionalities such as Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management, and so on.