How is Investar India Software for Technical Analysis?

Last Updated: 10-Feb-2021

Short Answer

Investar India claims it to be an India based Stock Market Software, which offers various crucial functionalities such as Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management, and so on.

Detailed Answer

Investar India started its journey in the year 2008 as a Technical and Fundamental Analysis software. From its inception, it became a popular choice among all types of traders for its outstanding AI technology for simplifying the technical analysis.

Investar India Software for Technical Analysis

We are especially going to look at the Technical Analysis aspect of the software and going to find out if it really helpful for doing technical analysis or not? Let us find out the same from below.

1. Technical Indicators

Investar India offers a wide range of technical indicators that can be used to perform Technical Analysis of various symbols traded on the NSE, NSE F&O, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and so on.

Traders can also see the buy and sell signals on the chart while adding any technical indicators. The best thing is that any of these technical indicators can be easily added, removed, or edited by selecting the same.

2. Multiple Spread Charts

The software supports multiple Spread Charts including Ratio Charts. Traders can use any spread chat of their choice by using the spread operators such as '+', '-' and '/'.

Investar India also provides data on historical performances of various scripts which you can compare very easily by using the inbuilt chart comparison mode. Up to 4 scripts can be compared at the same time.

3. Wide Range of Drawing Tools

Investar offers more than 35 specialized drawing tools, which you can use from the drawing toolbar option of the software. You will find all the drawing tools necessary for performing technical analysis effortlessly.

Several essential properties such as color, the thickness of the drawing tool, style, position, or layer can be very easily controlled from the simple editing panel. Multiple Fibonacci drawing tools such as Retracements, Extensions, Fans, and Time Zones can be used for analyzing possible support or resistance levels. Apart from that, Gann drawing tools such as Fan, Angle, Box, and Square can be added to your chart.

4. Several Chart Layouts

You can find several types of chart layouts inside the software. Chart layouts are an essential element of any technical analysis tool. You can create your chart layouts by using any pre-defined layouts. The Sync view mode is suitable to analyze multiple stocks in the same chart view.

In this mode, any change in one window will reflect on other windows as well. If you want to analyze the same stock in a different chart view, then use the multi-timeframe analysis mode, known as the stock sync view. If you want to unlink any stock at any stage, then you just need to use the No Sync mode.

5. Other Features

Apart from all the tools mentioned above, Investar India also offers various other necessary elements such as Custom timeframe and grouping, Auto support and resistance, Auto trend lines, Auto divergence, and so on.

Investar India Review

So now we hope you got the idea of how is Investar India Software for Technical Analysis? The software offers all the essential elements you may need to perform an accurate technical analysis. What you can do is that you can use their trial version and see for yourself that if the software is fulfilling your technical analysis requirements or not?

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@mahendra roy, Checkout trial version of Investar and if it doesn't work, you can anyways use Trendspider instead then.

Still I confused because I can't decide which trading software suitable for me spider or investarindia.

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