What are the best stock market apps for beginners in India?

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There are several apps that are perfect for beginners. These include Zerodha Kite, 5paisa mobile app, Upstox trading app, Sine, and many others.

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Trading in the stock market has never been easier than it is today. All thanks to the incorporation of technology, traders and investors can invest seamlessly and effortlessly. Brokers play an important role in allowing people to invest in various segments of the stock market, and they do provide applications as well. These could be on your computer or your mobile phone. Each one comes with different features and benefits. If you're looking for the best, we have provided a few that will not disappoint below. Check it out.

Best stock market applications for beginners

1. Zerodha kite app

Zerodha happens to be one of the most influential stockbrokers in the country. It's all thanks to its simplicity in how the app allows traders and brokers to trade in the stock market. The app is quite simple to use, right from the login page to the trade execution process. It's a free application that can be downloaded for both android and iOS. The app comprises a simplistic user interface with easy to execute operations such as indicators, trading chart features, 10-year historical data, price alerts, notifications, and much more.

2. 5paisa online trading app

Another easy-to-use beginner trading application in India is 5paisa. Their application is well built with plenty of features and ensures that users are comfortable in every action they wish to execute. Moreover, with the application, users can open a demat account, invest in the country's top mutual funds, and receive real-time updates on the stock market, a simple user interface with robust notification alerts. There are guest login features where you can merely log in, finish your trading and log out without having to receive any unnecessary calls, texts, or emails from the broker about any unsolicited information.

3. Angel broking app

Angel broking online trading app is an application that allows beginners to learn everything there is about the investing endeavour involved in the stock market. It allows investors and traders to invest in multiple mutual funds, insurance schemes, and other financial-oriented schemes offered in the stock market. As a beginner, you're always looking for as much profit margin as possible. However, the broker has a relatively higher brokerage charge. If you're ready to overlook this, then you do get some exciting features such as intraday chart news, streaming watch, live updates on the day-to-day activity in the stock market, and more.

4. Upstox pro app

If you're looking for a premium user interface packed with features, then the Upstox pro app has you covered. It's quite similar to use when it comes to the Zerodha Kite app, but it has its unique features to felicitate beginners. Such features include universal search tools, a plethora of technical indicators, multiple trade charts to choose from, unlimited price alerts, and much more. However, with the heavily loaded features, it might become a hassle for beginners to understand what needs to be done, and this might be a downfall for the application.

5. Trade smart online app

Trade smart online has its mobile trading app version known as Sine. It’s were investing in multiple segments of the stock market is made easy and simple, all thanks to the implementation of advanced technology. Through the application, beginners can easily invest and use features such as a vertical chart, bulk order placing, back testing, and much more. Other than this, there are other mobile features such as options calculators, market watch monitor, live quotes, and other. the only downfall for this app is its features and offerings. Though a veteran investor might benefit from the features, it might seem not easy for a beginner to navigate through the application and understand what everything does.

Bottom line

Each of the stockbroker apps provided above are different from one another. Still, the end function of enabling a trader or investor to invest in the stock market is made possible. But determining the best of the lot comes down to personal experience. Thus, use all of them and see which ones suites your trading preference in terms of features and services.

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    Good list. I use the Upstox pro app and quiet happy with their features. It is user friendly and good for people entering the market as beginners. I also use a news aggregator app to keep track of all the latest happenings in the market. It is called the News That Matters and it is free given that it collates articles from over 1000+ genuine news portals. It is an android exclusive app so you will have to head over to Google Play and search for it.

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