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Samco Stock Note App Review
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Samco Stock Note App Review: Share Trading & Analysis App

Stockbrokers have gotten themselves deep into technology and development to provide their customers, the best trading experience possible. SAMCO is one such discount stock broker that has dramatically invested in technology and cut various overhead costs to offer brokerage services at ultra-low commission rates. Some might find this repulsive, but it’s feasible for traders/investors to use the platform until and unless it suffices to all their trading ventures in the stock market.

The company was founded back in 2015 and registered as a stockbroker with SEBI. Though a developing company, it still offers margin funding, depository services, online trading, and more. It’s a proud member of MCX, BSE, and NSE. To date, the stockbroker has well over 75,000 customers and offers various tools for trading, such as SAMCO trader, SAMCO Web express, and Stock note.

However, there’s one state of the art trading platform that SAMCO has built mostly for the “trading on the go” venture. Their dedicated mobile application “Stock Note” is quite the offering and we are going to dive deeper and explore everything there is to know about it. Let’s get started.

What is Stock Note?

Stock Note is Samco’s homegrown application that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It provides all services related to investment and trading activities. The entire application is built on “Giga Trading,” a proprietary engine used by SAMCO and developed by them. The uniqueness is that it combines advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to depict patterns, trends, and opportunities from the stock market on a real-time basis. The data received can be converted into executable ideas.

Alongside trading, the app is broadly used for stock analysis and getting news revolving around the stock market. Customers using the application can engage in equity, currency, and commodity markets through F&O contracts and stocks. Through stock notes, price alerts are issued when the price of the stock reached a particular limit. These alerts are based on change, volume, and price fluctuations of stocks for a duration of a 1-6 month time frame.

The application also comprises of charting tools that provide various charts with 100 different indicators and tools for technical analysis. But for those willing to make the change, there is a guest feature that gives a sneak peek into what the app has to offer.

Stock Note App: Features

Here are the key highlights of this stock trading application:

1. Single Click Trading

The application is designed in such a manner where you can buy/sell stocks with one click. It’s made possible by providing the buy/sell option on the stocks that might appear in the information you’re reading and conduct transactions immediately.

2. Fast and Convenient Onboarding

There are very few applications out there that offer tutorials and provide an in-depth understanding of how to use the application. Stock Note happens to be one of those applications that provide a set by step instruction and guidance to the newbies that might take their baby steps into the world of trading. Overall, the user interface is also designed in such a manner to help traders trade effectively without lengthy steps.

3. Easy Customization

The customization features in the application are broad and extensive. Users can create multiple watchlists that have different criteria and clauses. Additional segments can be placed to see how the stock scrips perform in the market and later than in real-time to make proper investment decisions.

Newsfeeds and resources that the application offers are customizable to suit your preference and desires. Head to the application settings and see what you can change to suit your trading experience through Stock Note.

4. Updates and News

The application provides daily updates about the stock market universe right on your mobile phone. There are a lot of useful resources present, which helps in making sound investment decisions. Following notes, blogs, or articles of top traders and communities are feasible.

5. Notifications and Alerts

For any movements, changes, or even fluctuations of prices in the stock market, alerts and notifications are sent out. It helps in notifying the user of potential profits that could be reaped from the stock market and no miss out on any trading/investment opportunities.

  1. Intuitive order placement

For any reason, if your order isn’t placed, the in-built Giga trading engine will help in finding out the relevant solution and direct you as to what needs to be done next. There are multiple solutions provided by the application to ensure the customer faces no problem while trading.

  1. Portfolio tracking

Tracking of your portfolio in terms of trades and investments made is a breeze of a task. Simply set up your portfolio through the app and view all the events unfold throughout the day.

How to use Stock Note?

1.The first and foremost step would be to open a Demat account through SAMCO. The entire process can be carried out through Samco’s official website. Follow the given instructions and fill in all the necessary information. Once you get your credentials, then move to the next step.

2.Head to the play store/app store and download Stock Note, which is free of cost. Install the application on your mobile device.

3.Once installed, open the application and sign in using the login credentials you received after opening a SAMCO Demat account.

4.Customize the application and adjust preferences and settings according to your preference and start trading.

5.To initiate a trade, you will have to create a portfolio. Create a portfolio by adding scrips of stocks into it by buying them.

6.After successfully adding them, then start trading by either selling or buying stocks and managing your portfolio. Do look into the various resources the application has to provide about the stock market universe for making sound investments.

Stock Note by Samco: Review

The trading platform is relatively in its nascent stages, where it still possesses all types of problems for users. However, with frequent software updates and upgrading their approach to technological forefronts, the application has made the trading experience for customers differently great.

To be frank, the stock market application is well-built and provides a decent user interface for trading. Before you use the mobile app, there is a demo version that you can try out. All-in-all it's entirely in its nascent stages and will develop significantly in the coming months to compete with other applications provided by competing stockbroking giants.

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