Finvasia Scalpert Review
Finvasia Scalpert Review Review
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Finvasia Scalpert Review

Scalpert, a free to use and an advanced trading and charting platform built in-house by Finvasia.

Traders are always on the lookout for the next best thing in the stock market universe. It could be next-gen trading tools, trading platforms and even critical technical/financial information to help them make sound investments and trades.

But few fintech based companies dive deeper into the stock market to provide a refined yet intuitive experience/software’s for traders to indulge upon. One such company is Finvasia, whose flagship product \ScalperT\ seems to be quite a software in terms of trading in the stock market.

What is Finvasia ScalperT?

Finvasia is a fintech company that offers a wide range of financial related services in different sectors of India. All thanks to its cutting edge technological innovation and implementation, it's widely recognised among the growing discount brokers in the country.

The company has its offices in India and 12 other countries. They offer commodity and equity trading services on the NSE, BSE and MCX stock exchange markets.

Finvasia ScalperT is the company's homegrown product targeted towards the trading platform. Launched back in 2017, it provides advanced charts and trading features. The software's accessibility is made through a web browser or mobile application. There are no hidden costs as its free.

The name scalperT refers to the person that holds a respective position of stock in the stock market to make quick profits. Scalpers often buy/sell several times in a day in the aim of making consistent profits in the given market, so is the functionality of the software in the discussion.

Finvasia ScalperT: Key Features

  1. An in-house developed software with multi-platform usability features.

2.The software displays the various holdings in real-time all thanks to the integration with a respective Demat account.

3.There is no installable trading terminal.

4.Trading in BSE, MCX and NSE is feasible through the software.

5.Finvasia ScalperT is built on RMS (risk management system), OMS (order management system) and Omnesys API. The reason why it's built on Omnesys API is that it's famous for its NEST trading platform.

6.For the reference of Indian trading tools, Finvasia ScalperT is quite similar to that of Kite form Zerodha and RKSV's from Upstox trading platform which is all built on RMS, API and OMS. Both of the mentioned trading tools provide web and mobile version of trading.

Finvasia ScalperT: Additional Features to Look into

1.The trading tool offers 40 technical indicators and advanced charts for making sound trading investments and transactions.

2.The trading software is integrated across different segments and exchanges. Users can seamlessly trade with currency derivatives, commodities and equity derivates at MCX, BSE and NSE.

3.Integration with well over 30 banks to provide effective online fund transfer. Using the Finvasia ScalperT fund transfer page, limits are instantly available when money is transfer.

4.All the bells and whistles from other trading tools are present in the trading software. These features include market watch, real-time charges and data, etc.

5.The software does offer advanced order types such as bracket orders (BO) and cover orders (CO). Additional margins for the same are available, but for cover orders, it's up to 28X for equity. Bracket orders are also available on the MCX.

Finvasia ScalperT: Advantages

1.The main advantages of using the stock trading software are the cost factor. Its zero and there is no charge whatsoever on brokerage fee on trades. Thus, making it a genuinely free brokerage software. Traders/customers using the software will only have to pay government taxes and other taxes that are linked with trading.

2.Built on the RMS and OMS platforms, expect a robust, secure and robust build format.

3.Finvasia ScalperT is on active construction and constant developments are being made. Expect brand new features and other tricks in taking your trading experience to another level.

4.No advance charges, no fee per trade, no brokerage, no transaction charges. Just a simple trading tool and nothing else.

5.There is a call & trade feature on the software. For some reason, if the application isn't working, through the \call & trade\ feature,

traders/customers can place their orders.

6.The clearing services aren't paid by the customers but by the company itself when trading on NSE.

7.Under the EQ category, you can buy/sell ETF on ScalperT.

Finvasia ScalperT: Disadvantages 

The app is only available on the play store and the web. However, iOS users will have to wait for sometime.

The app tends to automatically log-out users without any notifications.

At times, the loading of scrips might take a lot of time. It causes the loss of the scrip price at that specific interval of time.

The entire user interface is quite sub-par and not up to the standard, making it difficult for beginners to understand the application.

Other Essential Pointers about Finvasia ScalperT

The square off timings for intra-day trading is as follows:

Commodity (MCX) – 11:15 PM

Equity cash segment – 3:20 PM

Cross currency – 7:00 PM

Equity F&O – 3:25 PM

Currency F&O – 4:45 PM

This software isn't available for those customers who use NSE NOW for trading. It's because of the change of application in using OMS and RMS platforms. Finvasia NEST users can access the Finvasia ScalperT application through their NEST login user credentials.

Finvasia ScalperT: Final Review

Overall a good platform. Works way better than the previous one. Speed, execution, features, UI everything has been worked upon. Few things are missing but they say the next update will fix those things. But for what scalpert is at the moment, you can easily trade without noticing the missing frills. You can use the mobile version or the web based version of Scalpert.

Do you like Indian tech driven platforms grow? Of course yes, right! Every day we read about new and emerging fintech companies, trading platforms, robo advisors making their presence in this competitive world. It's really good to know about such fintech platforms.

After all, its the customer who's going to benefit with their affordable pricing and tech driven models. Every competitor tries to outperform others whether by lowering prices or improving service quality. So, the customer is surely in a win-win situation. What do you think? Am I correct in saying so?

Talk of trading platforms, Scalpert, after the latest update it has become quite user friendly. An advanced charting and trading application, Finvasia ScalperT has been made available free of charge to its users. That's indeed the best part! Don't you think so? Do share your reviews on it.

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Is Finvasia free and what are its brokerage charges?

As claimed on the Finvasia website, their mission is to give traders and investors financial freedom from the brokerage. Offering zero brokerage fees, zero account setup fees, zero call & trade fees, and zero clearing fees, Finvasia claims that any overhead cost can be lowered when there is a high volume of clients.