Is Sensibull Pro Worth it? How good is the Options Trading Platform?

Short Answer

Sensibull Pro is a package offered by the company in terms of options trading. Features such as a statistical tool, strategy implementation advice, custom strategy build, IV charts, currency options, and more make it unique and different from the other plans. If you're serious about trading in options and are looking for a concrete structure in trading in options, then the pro package of Sensibull makes complete sense.

Detailed Answer

Sensibull is quite a nascent company that was started to allow users to trade in the stock market's options division. It targets small traders and investors looking to make their investments in the options market by giving them a robust trading platform. These plans include free, lite, and pro plans. The lite plans cost 800 rupees a month while the pro plan costs 1,300 rupees a month.

Is Sensibull Pro Tool worth the money?

The pro tools come with an extraordinary level of features and services that would provide you with the best trading experience in the options market. All the benefits that one can reap from the pro plan is given as follows:

Benefits of Sensibull Pro Plan

  1. All the features and benefits from the lite and free plans.
  1. There are IV charts that can be accessed for easy options trading.
  1. Elaborative currency option information.
  1. Get a brief overview of your trades and positions in the options market.
  1. Users have the freedom to build their strategies and implement them while trading for an effective outcome.
  1. There are more strategies, including the pro plan with various suggestions and alterations made as we speak.
  1. Statistical tools are powerful that provide close to accurate data and results for all your endeavours.
  1. Upcoming changes are coming to the pro plan providing features such as off-price detection, real-time price detection with rising & fall, and more.
  1. With these many advantages that the pro plan offers, it does cost a pretty penny of 1300 rupees, which is discounted most of the times where the price can range from 950-1000 rupees. While everything might seem beautiful, there are some cons that one should consider before choosing the pro package.

Drawbacks of Sensibull Pro Plan

  1. No matter how feature-rich the platform is, there are quite a handful of brokers that the platform supports—making it unusable for a majority of traders and investors.
  1. No doubt, the filtering of Sensibull pro plans is quite elaborative. But segregating the options based on risk and reward isn't an option with the options trader.
  1. The pro plan isn't for those that are starting their journey in options trading. Users need to know about options trading before they can pick the plan. If you don't know what you're doing, then it's not a plan for you.
  1. The cost of the pro plan isn't reasonable. Not every small trader or investor has that much money to invest every month only for options trading.

Sensibull Pro Plan Review

Sensibull Pro Plan has some compelling plus points with a few "not so very" attractive points. Those serious about options trading could use it to the fullest extent. For others, choosing the free plan should be enough. It's worth depends upon the trading, and they're seriousness about trading in the options segment.

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