Is Sensibull free option trading platform?

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Sensibull is not a complete free website for option trading but it does offer some free features and also a 7 day free trail. For more details read through the expanded version.

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Introduction to Sensibull:

  • It is an options trading platform.
  • This trading startup was made by Abid Hassan and Abhimanyu Singh.
  • It gives option of both virtual trading- trading without real money and real trading both.
  • It helps in educating the traders about options in an expanded manner.
  • Sensibull's goal is to make option trading secure, simple, and profitable for all.
  • There is no such thing as a stop-loss order in this game. Either set the alarm or actively check the prices on a regular basis.
  • WhatsApp is also accessible for sending alerts regarding stocks news and risks.
  • As it gives option of virtual trading, no losses will be incurred.
  • There is also a graphical representation of the stocks, which aids in better understanding the context.
  • There are various options and strategies available for individuals to practice option trading.
  • Virtual trade gives you easy and understandable options so that you know how trading is done and learn it.
  • Sensibull makes it easy to understand and envision option chains with innovative features like real-time Greeks and the ability to assess Open Interest.
  • In virtual trading in Sensibull, now you have the option to compare the trades made by you so that you know how it affected and how individuals can draw conclusions about the same when they trade with real money.

Is Sensibull a free option trading platform?

Sensibull is not completely free, it offers its plan in three sections- Free, Pro, Lite

Free plans of Sensibull offers only 8 features on its website. It has a 7-day free trail option. The main features available in free section are WhatsApp alerts, Real time prices, Best option chain, Research, Basket orders, etc.

Lite options come with some limited features which are in addition to the free plans available in Sensibull. Its price is 480 per month as of March 2021. It offers features such as Virtual Trading, Strategy Wizard, Easy Options, Research, Basket Orders, etc.

Pro options come with all the advanced features and gives the best option trading experience to its users It price is 640 per month and offers features such as Strategy builder, advanced data tools, Analyse trades, Technical signals, stocks data, etc.

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