How good is Quantsapp Advisory Services?

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Options trading is an emerging business that many traders are pursuing these days. Only a very small number of traders actually make money in the stock markets. Hence one might need professional help in their trading. Quantsapp has a dedicated team of experts for this purpose which is available as its advisory services.

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Quantsapp advisory services

Quantsapp is an online Options trading platform that provides many tools and features to enhance the profitability of options traders. Quantsapp also has a paid advisory service apart from the tools and features that it offers. Here an experienced team of well-trained SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) registered analysts form option trading strategies and provide them to the clients.

Some of the features of this advisory are-

  • To provide Data-driven approaches
  • To follow strict Risk management models
  • To focus on capital prevention and to provide realistic results.
  • The trading model relies completely on mathematical and computing reasons and not on flukes.

Now that we have seen what is the features of the advisory services, let's see what does it offers.

Quantsapp provides 3 categories of its advisory service from which an Individual can choose one according to their needs

  1. Fast Track- The “Fast Track” plan is the beginner plan that Quantsapp offers. In this plan it offers only short-term (up to 3 days) “Single Leg Options” strategies. The frequency of calls one can expect is 20 per month. The minimum capital requirement for this plan is 5 Lakh and the minimum risk to reward that it offers is 2:1. The annual subscription for this plan is Rs 75000 + 18% GST and the quarterly charges are Rs 34,999 + 18% GST.
  1. Elite- The Elite plan offers slightly higher benefits than the Fast Track plan. The minimum capital required for this plan is 20 Lakh and it offers Single-Leg options plus Spread trades. The risk to reward is 2:1. This plan includes some extra learning webinars and market updates by the research team. The charges for the annual plan is Rs 1,50,000 + 18% GST and Rs 60,000 + 18% GST for quarterly subscription.
  1. Custom- This plan represents the highest variant of the advisory pack that Quantsapp has to offer. The minimum capital required to subscribe to this plan is Rs 50,00,000. There are various parameters according to which a client can choose their trading style. The client will also receive a dedicated advisor and priority support service included in this plan. The pricing of this product may vary from individual to individual as per their requirements.

Is Quantsapp's Advisory Service good?

The advisory service by Quantsapp is not suitable for small retail traders with limited capital as the subscription charges are very high. It is suitable for HNIs (High Net Worth) individuals with a minimum capital of Rs 5 Lakh. As mentioned by their website the strike rate or success rate of the trades provided is 62.04% to 74.21% depending upon the plan. Quantsapp also claims that they have never have had a significant draw-down of the capital to date, which is a good point to consider.

Another positive factor about the advisory service is that it is SEBI registered which makes it legal to provide trading calls. A dedicated team of trained experts, researchers, and analysts provides extensive research before every trade. Due to this, the client can stay assured that the calls are provided not only by Gut instinct. So if one has a significant sum of capital that they want to deploy in the markets with proper guidance to earn a decent return on investment then the advisory provided by Quantsapp can be a place to look at. Although it seems overpriced by the strike rate of 74% in the Elite Plan is a good composition.

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