Which is better platform Sensibull or Opstra for Option Traders?

Short Answer

If you're looking for a straightforward and comprehensive take on options trading, then sensibull should do the job perfectly. However, if you're and expert and want more complex trading tools, then Opstra is the one to choose.

Detailed Answer

To determine which of the two platform sight be better, we have to go in-depth and check out the pros of cons for each and see what we can determine as the better platform. Let’s get started.

Pros of Sensibull

• The platform comprises a strategy engine to help in effective trading.

• A sleek and simple user interface for trading in the options market.

• Options analyser, event calendars are some of the many features that make it interesting to use.

• Complex strategy execution in the options market made simple through Sensibull.

Cons of Sensibull

• Options trading output based on your inputs and not on market variabilities.

• Pricing is relatively higher and might not suit many traders.

• Risk and reward oriented filtering in strategies is unavailable.

• Good knowledge of options strategies is required to understand the platform and use it optimally.

Pros of Opstra

• The dashboard features allow traders to see all their potential investment and other potential investment options.

• Volatility skew analysis is carried out effectively.

• Options algorithm to make trades effective and better.

• Open interest analysis charts and representation.

Cons of Opstra

• Complex to use given its compact user interface.

• Many of the popular features used in options trading are absent.

• The fee of using the tool might not suffice my options traders.

Bottom line

With that being said, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want something packed with features and would help you out extensively as a beginner options trader, then Sensibull is the one for you. However, if you are an expert and what the best, then Opstra should suffice that criteria.

Comments (3)

    Sensibull is comparatively easy to understand and easy to execute however, when it comes to Opstra, it is tough and an individual needs to be well acquainted with option trading to avoid errors. The pricing is also a factor in this case so it is essential for the traders to understand which one suits them the best as it also depends on their preference. He/she should know which one will be advantageous and will fulfill their criteria. Good luck with your selection and trading.

    Sensibull is a learner-friendly platform that does offer tools that are easy to understand and execute. However, with Opstra, things can get difficult to understand and use, especially if you're a learner. Do keep in mind that both of them are tools that offer explicit services, provided you know how to take complete advantage.

    Sensibull is available at Bargain prices at times. Zerodha & Angel Broking offer great discounts for Sensibull all the time, but Opstra never gives such discounts. If one manages to subscribe to Sensibull at a discounted price then Opstra is clearly out of the picture as Sensibull is slightly better of the two, Thanks to its great UI & very useful Mobile App.

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