What is the Opstra Options Strategy Builder? Is it a good strategy builder?

There are plenty of option strategy builders in the market. Is Opstra any better from them? Can anyone give a detailed review on this platform? Also, mention the pricing plans so I can make the right choice.
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Short Answer

Opstra Options Strategy builder is a platform for Options and Futures traders. It provides many tools for trading derivatives, Some of these include Options Simulator, Options backtesting, IV (Implied Volatility) Chart, Option Chain analysis, and much more. Both beginners, as well as advanced traders, can use this platform as it offers all the necessary features for both these groups.

Detailed Answer

What is Opstra Options Strategy builder?

Opstra Definedge which is also known as the Opstra options strategy builder is a platform that provides many tools for options trading. The tools that Opstra provides range from, Strategy builder, Options Backtesting, Options simulator, Algorithm, etc.

Some Features of Opstra

Opstra offers many features to its users, some of them are,

  1. Options Algorithm- Opstra offers many features but the options algorithm is one of the main highlights of the platform. It allows users to find options trading opportunities and make use of the opportunity by executing a trade. Opstra lets one choose the underlying asset in which they want to find trading opportunities.
  1. Open Interest Analysis- A major requirement for derivative traders is the Open Interest chart. Opstra provides the Open Interest chart and many other data points such as PCR (Put Call Ratio), Max Pain, change in Open interest, etc for both Stock and Index options.
  1. Options dashboard- Opstra Definedge has a dedicated dashboard for all the options data like all the F&O indices and stocks. In this way, traders don’t have to switch between platforms to view stocks & Indices-related data.

These were some of the main features of Opstra related to Options. It also offers other features for Future traders. FII, DII data, Event calenders, Strategy builder, Historic data, and many more.

Is Opstra Strategy Builder a Good Platform?

Looking at the above features Opstra provides, it can be said that Opstra Defineedge is a good platform for Options traders. All the important features like OI analysis, Options backtesting, Strategy Builder, and many more tools are provided. This makes Opstra an ideal platform for all Futures and Options traders.

One can also create and backtest strategies using Opstra withing losing any money. As backtesting does not require any money. Another unique feature that Opstra provides is, it provides a free plan under which one can get access to the basic features like basic Option Strategy builder. In this one can create their own option strategies for FREE. Although the tools available in this is limited, beginners can use them to learn more about Options Greeks and various Strategies.


To conclude it can be said that Opstra Option Analytics strategy builder is a good platform for both beginners as well as advanced Optioon traders. Opstra offers sufficient features for beginners in the Free plan. It also offers an ample amount of tools and features in the Pro plan.

Hence according to your needs, you could opt for a suitable plan and make the best use of this platform. The User Interface is simple and yet packed with all the necessary tools. A user will find more than the required tools in this platform. The only drawback with this platform is that one cannot execute (Buy & Sell) trades directly from the platform. Due to this one might have to switch windows in order to monitor their trades as well as look at some data on Opstra.

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The Opstra options has a strong strategy building technique. It has best available advanced level charts and tables which can help the individual to analyze their options well. It offers various tools and services for its users and is an all-in-one platform.

Opstra Options does provide a strategy builder. However, it comes down to the trader who is looking to build his/her strategy. Hence, the platform does offer tools, insights, and different inputs in curating your unique options strategy for trading purposes. All-in-all a great platform for building your strategy in options trading.

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