Is Quantsapp options analytics platform free to use? What are its pricing plans?

I am a beginner. Can I use Quantsapp for free? What are the features of the free plan? Are there paid plans as well? Should I take a free plan or a paid plan?
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Short Answer

Quantsapp is an online Options analytics platform that provides many tools and features to option traders. It is free to use, but not completely. There are two price models that it offers at present. Both of them provide access to different features and tools. This gives an individual to choose anyone according to their preferences.

Detailed Answer

What is Quantsapp?

Quantsapp is an online options trading analytics platform that provides necessary tools to option traders. Quantsapp was started in 2019, and to provide tools to increase the profitability of retail traders was the main motive of this platform.

When it comes to analytics in stock trading, one platform that comes to mind is Quantsapp. If you check their website you will find that they have almost 28 tools that are free. Shifting to a paid version will add 65 extra tools. Still wondering about the uses of this platform? Here is what it offer:

  • Analyzing tools
  • Backtesting Strategy
  • Optimization
  • Managing option trade

It also offers the 6 essential tools for analyzing stocks which are - Circular, Banlist, Liquidity Finder, Options Calculator, holidays and deals & holdings. In charts section you will find the following:

  • Single Charts
  • Strategy Charts
  • Greek Charts

Is Quantsapp Free?

Quantsapp offers a wide range of features for Free to its clients. Although to get access to some of the features Quantsapp charges a small subscription fee.

The two price model of Quantsapp are:

  1. Free
  1. PRO

These two subscriptions have certain differences in the features each offers.

Free- The free plan includes a total of 31 tools which is included for free. Some of the tools included in this plan are Strategy Architect, Intraday Price & OI, Individual scripts OI build-up, Futures OI, Options OI, Ban List, Market news, and some more.

The main drawback of the Free plan is that one does not get access to the Premium tools such as Pair trading, Trap Indicator, Strategy Optimizer, and ALGO trading. All these features are exclusively available in the PRO plan.

PRO- Now coming to the PRO plan, all the 31 tools included in the FREE plan, Plus 19 Premium tools and 1 Options Algorithm is provided in this pack. Apart from these out of the 31 free tools 11 of them get enhanced features in the PRO plan. Some of the additional features available in the PRO plan include:

Order and Trade analysis, Volume analysis, Live Change in OI in any time frame, FNO Scanner, Straddle Index, Result analysis, Trap Indicator, and many more.


Quantsapp offers 2 subscription levels which include a Free and Pro plan.

The free plan is absolutely free to use whereas the PRO plan has a nominal charge for all the premium tools that it offers.

The PRO plan costs Rs 2950 (inclusive of all taxes) monthly. The platform offers a special discount of 58% on the annual subscription. In such a case, the total cost will be Rs 1229 monthly (Including all taxes) or Rs 14748 annually.


To conclude, it can be said that Quantsapp is a good platform for options traders. The range of tools and features that it offers may be useful to most beginner to advanced level traders. The only concern is with the pricing which might be a bit too high for some individuals. On the other hand, the Free plan offers many useful tools for traders. Therefore those who don’t want to spend a lot can use the Free tools provided by Quantsapp.

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