Is Quantsapp a good online options analytics platform for option traders?

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As more and more people try their hand in Options trading, the demand for good Options trading and analytics platforms is on the rise. There are many online options trading platforms out there. Know if Quantsapp is a good online Options Analytics platform.

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What is Quantsapp?

To begin with, Quantsapp is an online options analytics platform that provides numerous tools and features for options traders. It provides many unique features within its platform that might not be commonly found on other platforms.

Some Unique features that Quantsapp offers.

Quantsapp has many features, but some of them are unique and useful. A couple of them are mentioned here.

Options Synopsis:

Under the Options Synopsis, Quantsapp has many impressive features that anyone can access. The first feature is the “Futures OI”.

This denotes all the F&O stocks along with the increase or decrease in OI along with the direction it is in. Quantsapp portrays the data in a colorful manner with all the appropriate colors for each action such as Long Buildup, Short Covering, etc.

Options OI”, the second feature under the Options Synopsis is the Options OI. In this place, all the F&O stocks are categorized on the basis of eight parameters, which are, Long, Short, Long Unwinding, Short covering, and vice-versa. With this feature, one can figure out the exact movement of the Open Interest without looking for each and every single stock individually. This tool also provides the necessary information like change % in OI, PC ratio, all in one place which is a convenient feature.

Options Architect:

Under this feature Quantsapp allows users to build and test options and futures strategies. All the necessary parameters such as the Option Greeks are portrayed within this feature which makes it very helpful for the user.

Option Chain:

Now coming to the option chain, Quantsapp has an attractive feature where it integrates all the Option Greeks in individual strike price which makes the job of traders simpler. The upfront data of Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega can enhance profitability when traded based on these data.

These were some of the Free tools which can be used by anyone. Apart from these, Quantsapp also has some effective tools which are available in the paid version of the platform. Some of the tools available in the Pro version are Straddle Index, Trap Indicator, Volume analysis, Results Analysis, etc.

Is Quantsapp Good for Options Traders?

Looking at the above features, it can be said that Quantsapp offers many good Option Trading tools in the free version of the platform. Although not all the good features are available for free. The paid version of the platform contains some of the advanced levels tools and also the enhanced version of the free tools. This creates a need to switch to the PRO plan of Quantsapp. The PRO version of Quantsapp costs Rs 2950 per month, which is on the higher side when compared to some of the other Option trading platforms like Sensibull and Opstra.

This makes Quantsapp an ideal solution for Traders who want to use the free features. On the other hand, an alternative option might offer better value for money, if one is considering the PRO version of Quantsapp.

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Is Quantsapp Options Analytics platform free to use?

Quantsapp is an online Options analytics platform that provides many tools and features to option traders. It is free to use, but not completely. There are two price models that it offers at present. Both of them provide access to different features and tools. This gives an individual to choose anyone according to their preferences.

Is Opstra Options Analytics good strategy builder?

Opstra Options Strategy builder is a platform for Options and Futures traders. It provides many tools for trading derivatives, Some of these include Options Simulator, Options backtesting, IV (Implied Volatility) Chart, Option Chain analysis, and much more. Both beginners, as well as advanced traders, can use this platform as it offers all the necessary features for both these groups.

What is Open Interest in Options Trading in Stock markets? Examples

Open Interest is a parameter used by technical analysts and options traders to judge the mood of the market. Open Interest is the total number of outstanding option contracts in a particular strike price of an underlying asset. The OI is an important factor as it defines liquidity and the total number of contracts that are traded at a particular point in time.

Is Sensibull Pro Worth it? How good is the Options Trading Platform?

Sensibull Pro is a package offered by the company in terms of options trading. Features such as a statistical tool, strategy implementation advice, custom strategy build, IV charts, currency options, and more make it unique and different from the other plans. If you're serious about trading in options and are looking for a concrete structure in trading in options, then the pro package of Sensibull makes complete sense.

Is Opstra options Analytics platform or app free?

Opstra Definedge is an Options analytics platform that provides various tools and screeners to find out the most effective strategies and implement them. Opstra is an excellent platform for beginners as well as advanced options traders who want to build new Option trading strategies and backtest them. Opstra provides many features such as Options Backtesting, Options Simulator, IV chart, OI (Open Interest), and much more.

Is online trading safe in India?

Trading in India is completely safe as all the online brokers are registered by SEBI, which is the regulating body that regulates all the trading activities in the country. Apart from this, there are certain external risks involved in trading like Market Risks, Volatility risks, and over-leveraging, etc. These types of risks can be minimised to some extent by hedging but cannot be eliminated completely.

How good is Quantsapp Advisory Services?

Options trading is an emerging business that many traders are pursuing these days. Only a very small number of traders actually make money in the stock markets. Hence one might need professional help in their trading. Quantsapp has a dedicated team of experts for this purpose which is available as its advisory services.

How is VectorVest useful for stock traders?

VectorVest is an international stocks analytics platform that gives you access to the stock markets of four different countries. The platform provides various facilities such as stock recommendations, timing indicators, and many other trading tools that can be used by equity and derivatives traders. Some of the trading tools such as WatchDog, AutoTimer, etc can be used by stock traders to simplify their trading experience.

What is Trap Indicator in Quantsapp?

Quantsapp is an online Analytics platform that provides various tools for Options and Derivatives traders. Quantsapp proprietarily provides various solutions to option traders in order to increase their profitability. One of its unique indictors is the "Trap Indicator" which helps traders identify opportunities based on the trap situations created in the markets. Discover how it can be utilized.

Can you trade options using is a great platform for traders as it provides many technical and charting tools that are beneficial for traders as well as technical analysts. As Investing. com is not a stockbroker, hence you cannot place trades directly from the application or website. In order to place a trade, you need to have a trading account with a stockbroker.