What is virtual trade in Sensibull?

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Virtual trade is a feature in Sensibull which allows the users to be educated about option trading by trading in real stock scenario with real money. Sensibull will also helps the users to learn about trading in much detail.

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Introduction to virtual trade:

  • Virtual stock trading is also known as paper trading.
  • It is quite similar to literal trading an individual can both buy and sell stocks.
  • Usually, the people who do this trading try to examine the market trends by understanding the concrete financing investment process.
  • People do not trade with real money but practice on how to buy and sell, what strategies to use and how to work on their trading principles.
  • You get virtual money in your account where you are planning to virtual trade so that individuals can have complete idea.
  • As no real money is involved, this is a total risk-free learning strategy.
  • No losses will be made here.
  • You can create your unique plans and implement them with virtual money within the online account.
  • Reading books and learning is good but virtual trading gives you a practical application to learn option trading.
  • Examples of virtual trade platforms: Sensibull, Dalal street, Money bhai, trading view.

About Sensibull:

  • It is a third-party option trading platform.
  • It has an option of virtual trading so that users can have a good experience.
  • Sensibull's mission is to make option trading secure, affordable, and beneficial for everybody.
  • Abid Hassan and Abhimanyu Singh formed Sensibull, an options trading startup.
  • There are various options and strategies available for individuals to practice option trading.
  • Virtual trade gives you easy options so that you understand how trading is done and learn it in an expanded way.
  • No losses are incurred when virtual trading is done.
  • In virtual trading in Sensibull, now you have the option to compare the trades made by you so that you know how it affected and how individuals can draw conclusions about the same when they trade with real money.
  • With advanced features such as real-time Greeks and the ability to evaluate Open Interest, Sensibull makes it simple to comprehend and imagine choice chains.
  • There is no such thing as a stop-loss order in this game. Either set the alarm or actively check the prices on a regular basis.
  • This educational platform also gives WhatsApp alerts as per your requirement about the stocks, risks, etc.
  • There is also graphical depiction of the stocks which helps in understand the context better.
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