How to use Streak from Zerodha?

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Streak is an online ALGO trading platform from Zerodha where one can create their own ALGO trading strategies and backtest them for the data of 5 years. Also, one can deploy those ALGOs directly on the scrips and enter and exit the position using Streak alone. Therefore Streak is an ultimate solution for traders who want to use ALGO trading and also backtest their own made strategies in the market.

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Streak is an online platform that allows traders and investors to make their own Algo Trading strategies without coding and implement and backtest them in Zerodha, along with using the various tools and screeners to improve their Fundamental and Technical analysis.

Using Streak-

Streak is mostly used by traders to deploy Algos without the hassle of any coding.

  1. Making and Backtesting Algos-

There are many sample Algo(Algorithm) trading strategies that one can apply and Backtest. One can add a basket of stocks that can consist of a maximum of 20 Scripts.

There are few sample Algo strategies that one can edit and use according to their needs. One can change the Profit & Stop Loss percentage along with buying or selling price for individual scripts. The Algo can be named and one can run the backtest. The Algo will run the hypothetical trades and see the Profit/Loss Live and one can also adjust the end result by adjusting the brokerage for the entire trade. After finishing this process, the Top performing Algos will appear on the dashboard of the terminal. The “Top Performers” section shows the Top performing Algos based on the Profit &Loss of the Backtested results.

  1. To Deploy a particular into real markets-

Streak lets you choose any of the pre-existing Algos and customize it according to your personal needs. For example if one has to Short Bank Nifty using Supertrend then the particular Script (Bank Nifty) has to be added in the Add Script place, then one need to choose the time frame and the total quantity that has to be traded, Select the indicator as “Supertrend” and order type as “Sell”. After filling these one has to set the Stoploss and Exit Percentage and give the ALGO a name. By this, the ALGO is ready to backtest.

Once it is backtested, the top-performing stocks can be picked and Deploy it into real markets in Zerodha. The stocks will be added to the market watch and as soon as the Shorting criteria are triggered a Notification will pop up in order to execute the trade. Once the Trade is permitted the order will get executed in Zerodha and can be managed accordingly. If one cancels the notification then the whole algo is terminated.

  1. Exiting The Deployed ALGO trades-

Once a trade is deployed using Streak by clicking on the Take action button after it appears when the ALGO is triggered. One has to manually exit the trade in Streak or in Zerodha as well. One can visit the order book and click on Stop to end the trade and exit the trade at Market price. Once the “Exit position Now” button is clicked, all the open trades will be closed and the trades will be squared off at market rate. Any Stoploss order that was placed will have to be canceled manually.

By this one can use Streak to Backtest & Deploy Algos in the real market in Zerodha. Streak allows you to backtest any ALGO strategy on any script upto a History period of 5 years. It also notifies you even if you are not on that page. One can take action directly from the notification and track Live positions from anywhere.

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