Is Streak free for Zerodha users?

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Streak is an online Options trading and Algo trading platform introduced by Zerodha in 2018. it was Free at the time of launch to Zerodha users but that was a limited-time offer and soon Streak started charging for subscriptions also for Zerodha users. But Zerodha users get a 7 day free trial period on Streak posy which one will have to choose a plan as per their needs to continue using Streak.

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Streak is an online Options trading platform that lets the users create, backtest and Deploy Option Strategies in the Live market. It also offers Algo trading to its users without coding. Streak was launched by Zerodha in 2018. It has been updated since then with various new features.

Is Streak Free for Zerodha users?

No!, Streak is not completely free for Zerodha users. It was given free in the introductory offer when it was launched in 2018 but now it is no longer Free for Zerodha users.

Although, Zerodha provides a 7 days Free Trial of Streak where one can backtest up to 50 trading strategies per day and deploy up to 5 Strategies in one single day. After the 7 days trial, one will have to subscribe to the different plans that Streak offers.


Streak offers 3 levels of Subscription that is available-

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Ultimate

All these plans offer different features. The charges are explained in detail in the picture below-

prnit screem...jpg

As seen above Streak offers 3 levels of Subscription, the Basic plan costs Rs 500 per month excluding GST, the Premium package costs Rs 900 per month and the Ultimate plan costs Rs 1400 per month Excluding GST. The features offered in the three are different so one could pick a subscription according to their needs.


Streak was free for Zerodha when it was launched but, it is no longer free for Zerodha users. Although Zerodha users can use their bonus points to redeem the “Streak Premium” subscription with 900 points for 1 month and “Streak Ultimate” for 1400 points.

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