Is Zerodha Streak free? Algo Trading Platform

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Short Answer

Zerodha Streak was launched; it was completely free, but not anymore. Right now, you need to pay a fee for using the Zerodha Streak.

Detailed Answer

Zerodha is a popular stockbroker of India which offered several trading platforms such as Zerodha Kit, Zerodha Pi, and so on. As a leading discount broker, Zerodha often collaborates with smaller startups and various Fintech products, one such example is Zerodha Streak.

The software is known for its amazing performance, speed, a lot of essential features, and so on. However, here in this article, we are not going to discuss those; rather we are going to know if Zerodha Streak is free or not? So let's get it started.

Is Zerodha Streak Free?

Zerodha Streak was once completely free, but its not so now. So, you have to pay a fee for using the Zerodha Streak. However, it offers a free 7 days trial plan that allows more than 50 backtesting and 5 algorithms facility.

If one wishes to use the Zerodha Streak even after the 7 days trial period, then you need to purchase one of their paid plans. Currently, Zerodha Streak is offering 3 subscription plans namely Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. Let us now see their price along with some of their key features.

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan of Zerodha Streak offers 25 live deployments, 5 entry and exit conditions, 70+ technical indicators, and so on. Apart from that, the basic plan also gives you access to run 200 back tests daily. The price for the basic plan is 500+GST for each month, which can also be paid directly from your Kite account.

2. Premium Plan

The premium plan of Streak offers 50 live deployments, 7 entry and exit conditions, 70+ technical indicators, and so on. Apart from that, the premium plan also gives you access to run 500 back tests daily. The price for the Zerodha Streak premium plan is 900+GST for each month, which can also be paid directly from your Kite account.

3. Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan of Zerodha Streak offers 100 live deployments, 10 entry and exit conditions, 70+ technical indicators, and so on. The premium plan also gives you access to run 1000 back tests daily. The price for the the ultimate plan is 1400+GST for each month, which can also be paid directly from your Kite account.

Important Note

If you purchase their quarterly, biannual, or annual paid plans then you will get 10%, 20%, and 30% discounts respectively. Also while purchasing any of their paid plans; you must remember that all of their plans are non-refundable in nature. So, even if you cancel or downgrade your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle you will not get any kind of refund for the remaining periods.

Zerodha Streak Review

So we hope you got the answer to your question, which was Is Zerodha Streak Free? Zerodha Streak can be one of the useful trading platforms for those who are looking to create, back tests, and deploy their technical strategies with zero coding skills. As you can see, even though at the initial stage, it is not free, now you can only use their 1-week trial plan before purchasing one of their paid plans.

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