Which is better Sharekhan vs. Zerodha Stock Broker?

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I was just going through some stock broker reviews. So, I thought of sharing my opinion, A side by side Comparison of two popular stock brokers: Sharekhan vs. Zerodha.

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Best Stock Brokers in India: Significance

In this multiplayer competitive market where there so many options (Online & Offline), it’s tough to choose one option. Every individual feels the burden to make the right choice for oneself.

So, Let me take stop my non-philosophical talks and take you straight to the topic. In today’s market where there are unlimited trading and investing options, I bring you a post that will help you compare two of the most popular sites for investment management here in India.

Let’s start with the company information:

Sharekhan vs Zerodha: Comparison

Sharekhan was established in February 2000 and is a company which provides brokerage services through its online trading website Sharekhan. com. It has various offices which include branches & franchises spread over different cities in India.

On the other hand, Zerodha is a Bangalore based company which started on 15th August 2010 and became one of the leading stock brokers and grown very fast. The company provides an online platform which a member can use for direct trading from the live financial market.

We are here comparing, 2 companies one which provides expert opinion for the trade management of your funds through brokers and agents (Sharekhan). And, the other company which encourages self-trading being the biggest discount broker in India (Zerodha).

There is a bigger gap in the cost and other charges between the two platforms:

Zerodha has an added benefit wherein they don’t use any broker or distributor facility for trading. Thus, while using this product the brokerage and commission costs are eliminated. This is a huge benefit to investors whose earnings are enhanced.

But, Sharekhan works on broker and distributor model. Thus all the other cost along with broker fees and commission is very much part of total account maintenance cost.

The other account opening and maintenance cost is applicable in both the cases. However, the former option is cheaper than the later. Also, the trading fees as levied by stock exchange board are the same for both.

First of all, the major difference between these two stock brokers in India is that Sharekhan is a full-service broker. While Zerodha is a leading discount broker offering a flat fee brokerage model to its customers.

Sharekhan vs Zerodha: Stock Brokers Comparison

1. Account Type

Zerodha provides a discount broker account whereas Sharekhan provides full-service broker account. Zerodha account opening charges are Rs.300 plus AMC for Demat account is Rs.300 only. Whereas Sharekhan provides free of cost account opening facility and Rs.400 for Demat account maintenance facility.

2. Trading instruments

Where Sharekhan deals in all financial instruments like equity, debt, commodity, bonds, currency, Initial public offering (IPO), etc. Zerodha doesn’t deal in instruments like IPO, bonds and debts.

Also Zerodha is well known for their mutual fund coin and SIP schemes. These schemes are not available under Sharekhan.

3. Data Analysis report

Sharekhan provides numerous data report which provides brief trading analysis and option on a daily basis. Zerodha also has options to go through market updates and trading opportunities in details.

4. Mobile App

Sharekhan has its mobile app but it is not so popular. While Zerodha app i.e. Zerodha Kite is extremely famous amongst masses.

5. Customer support & Client experience

Both the companies have set up extensive client support systems at their end. But, Sharekhan doesn’t provide round the clock services. Whereas Zerodha has a support team set up 24*7 for “customer support”.

Also, if we go through the data as provided online, there is a mixed reaction from the public for both the platforms. Both negative and positive have been highlighted.

But the client experience positive point leans a bit more towards Zerodha as the best discount broker in India. However, when it comes to choosing a full service broker Sharekhan might gain more points.

To conclude, both these investment and trading platforms are amongst the top investment companies in India and are popularly used by the investor to manage their funds and resources. So which one are you choosing? Do tell me your views on Zerodha as well as Sharekhan, or any other best stock brokers in India.

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Nice comparison between two leading stock brokers in India: Zerodha vs Sharekhan. I would like to add few more points here: 1. Equity delivery is free with Zerodha. That's what attracts me! 2. Zerodha trading apps and platform Zerodha Kite 3 is tech oriented and very easy to use. It's quite fast and offers great user experience. That's my opinion for the broker I prefer. What do you guys think? Any distinct or similar views on this.

Yes, Zerodha and Sharekhan are amongst the top stock brokers in India, as far as I know. However, Zerodha is a discount broker and Sharekhan is a full service broker, the main point of difference between these two stock brokers. Although, Sharekhan is quite old company and has more number of branches as compared to Zerodha. The latter has build a good name in the stock market world. Moreover, the most attractive point for Zerodha is the free equity delivery trades and exposure margin of upto 20x that's worth looking into here. This is what I feel. Do share your views on Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Comparison and what do you think about these brokers.

That's quite comprehensive review on both the stock brokers in India: Zerodha and Sharekhan. You seem to have done a lot of research on stock brokers and their services. I am personally more inclined towards Zerodha. Undoubtedly, their services are best as of now. If I have to choose a discount broker, I'll definitely go with Zerodha which I am already doing also. Anyways, all have their own preferences.

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