Can I automate my trading with Zerodha Streak?

Short Answer

Streak is an online Options trading platform that helps Derivative traders to, create, backtest and deploy their own option strategies in the live market. Streak also provides Algo trading to its users without the need for any coding. This automates the process of trading to a large extent.

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Streak is an Online Options Trading platform that lets its users basically Create, Back test, and Deploy Options Strategies in real Markets. Streak also provides many Strategies which can be used to make one’s trading process seamless and effortless.

Earlier only big institutions and Hedge Funds used Algos for trading but now even the Retail participants can use Algos without even knowing how to code.

Features offered by Streak-

Streak by Zerodha focuses on the automation of the trading process for an individual. It offers many features like Algo training, Strategy Builder, Strategy Backt esting, and many more. Using these features one can simply set the target & Stop loss and the orders will get executed without any real-time monitoring.

Algo Trading:

Algo trading is the talk of the decade where many platforms offer their own Algos to the Retail traders. Algo trading used to be known as the process of coding and using complex computer software but With platforms like Streak, Algo trading has become simple and accessible to all Retail traders. Streak offers its own Algo trading feature in its platform where an individual can use the various pre-existing Algos or build their own Algos using a set of his/her own parameters.

Can you Automate the trading process using Streak?

Yes, Streak does help you to automate the process of trading to a large extent.

You can create an Algo Strategy in Streak within minutes and deploy it in the Live markets or backtest on previous market data to find out the accuracy and profitability of the particular strategy.

To create an Entry Strategy you can use technical indicators and up to 5 parameters for confirming the entry. When all the parameters are set and confirmed then Streak will execute the order automatically when the mentioned parameters are met.

For the Exit of the same position, you can set certain parameters or criteria which when fulfilled the position will automatically get squared off. Apart from this one can also set the desired percentage of target or Stop loss, just in case the target is not met then the Stop loss order will get triggered which will save the trader from any big losses.

Apart from this, a trader can execute multiple orders and strategies simultaneously in Options or Stocks with Streak. One can also save various Options baskets that can be later used according to the need.


To conclude it can be said that Streak by Zerodha can Automate the process of trading to a large extent. One can not only create Algo trading strategies but also backtest them with real-time past data. This gives another edge for traders to test their strategies and tweak their strategies according to the shortcomings.

Streak also lets you place an order directly from its platform as it is mapped with your Stock Broker, which reduced the time and effort to switch to & fro to check the MTM profits and losses as well as monitoring the technicals at the same time. One can use the Streak Mobile app to monitor their position and do the necessary adjustments easily On the Go with the use of their mobile device. With all these features Streak surely helps automate the trading process.

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Is Zerodha Streak free? Algo Trading Platform

Zerodha Streak was launched; it was completely free, but not anymore. Right now, you need to pay a fee for using the Zerodha Streak.

Is Streak free for Zerodha users?

Streak is an online Options trading and Algo trading platform introduced by Zerodha in 2018. it was Free at the time of launch to Zerodha users but that was a limited-time offer and soon Streak started charging for subscriptions also for Zerodha users. But Zerodha users get a 7 day free trial period on Streak posy which one will have to choose a plan as per their needs to continue using Streak.

How to create strategy in Zerodha Streak?

Head into your Zerodha Streak account, then click on the create option, following which enter all the fields of your choice. Click on the finish button to execute the scrips in your trading strategy.

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