How to create strategy in zerodha streak?

Short Answer

Head into your Zerodha Streaks account, then click on the create option, following which enter all the fields of your choice. Click on the finish button to execute the scrips in your trading strategy.

Detailed Answer

Zerodha streaks is nothing but an algo based trading platform where users can input their strategies to execute trades in the stock market. While being cloud-based, its unique to ensure traders and investors have their tactics implemented in the best possible scenario. If you're looking to create strategies in Zerodha streaks? Then we have a step-by-step guide provided below. Check it out.

Creating strategy on Zerodha streaks

  1. The first step is to sign in to your Zerodha streaks account. If you don't have one, you can create it by heading to their website and opening an account.
  1. Once logged in, click on the create option, which should be available on the toolbar's top right corner.
  1. Then head down to the scrip option, where you will have to choose the trading strategy and investment desire. It could be NIFTY, options, commodity, and others.
  1. After which, choose the duration. It could be for a minute, hour, or all day long. It is completely based on your preference.
  1. Following this, you can choose whether to buy or sell your stocks or shares.
  1. Choosing the quantity of shares or stock is present right next to the option.
  1. It then comes down to choosing an indicator such as Bollinger Bands, EMA, SMA, or others.
  1. Provide a condition where the clause should be higher or lower than this and so on.
  1. Put an indicator for the same to ensure that you have everything rectified.
  1. Enter the stop loss figure where you are ready to take that much loss before selling it.
  1. Enter the profit that you are willing to make out of the trade. Ensure that it something realistic and not factual.
  1. Enter a unique name to save the preferences for later usage.
  1. Click on the finish button, and you can use it to start trading in the stock market.

Bottom line

Zerodha streak is a unique tool where it implements all the unique inputs that the users might provide. It’s were creating the options to trade in, the buying and selling clause, the quantity of the trade, and much can be executed multiple times based on the stock market's nature. Quite a unique angle giving personalization to traders and investors for a unique experience.

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