Is Screener an useful stock screening tool?

Short Answer

Screener is a stock screening and technical analysis platform that can be used to filter stocks from the Indian stock markets. Screener is a useful platform as it has many tools and features that you can use to find the best stocks according to your parameters. Know about the features and tools in detail here.

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What is Screener?

Screener is a stock analysis and fundamental analysis platform that allows you to analyze any stocks listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

There are numerous pre-listed screens that can be used or you can make your own filter with your required parameters to get the best possible results.

Is Screener an Useful stock screening tool?

In short, Yes! Screener is an excellent platform that helps you to screen and filter stocks. There are a ton of pre-existing and popular screens like,

  • Debt reduction ( Companies with expansion)
  • Capacity expansion (Companies undergoing major capital addition)
  • Highest YOY Quarterly Profit (Stocks with the highest Quarter on Quarter results)
  • Highest Dividend Yield Shares (Stock that has been consistently giving better dividends)
  • High Growth High RoE and Low PE, etc.

These were just some of the filters which are available on the platform. These filters could be used to filter out stocks from the entire market or from a specific sector.

You can easily select a specific sector or industry and filter out the stocks from that industry. This makes the stock selecting process more efficient and streamline.

Apart from stock filters and screeners, Screener. It also includes some additional features that will help you to make better stock-picking decisions. They are,

1. Export-Import Trade Data

Under this feature, Screener shows the latest market trend of the Import and Export data of India. This can be an indicator that shows the latest demand and price trend of raw materials and finished hoods.

2. Shareholder Search

The Shareholder search is also a great feature for investors. Under this feature, you can find out the names of shareholders who have more than a 1% stake in the company. With this, you can stay assured where the smart money is flowing in.

3. Credit Rating Reports

The credit rating report is an important parameter that denotes the quality of the assets/debt of a particular company. Screener provides all the Credit reports of listed as well as their unlisted peers to get a fair comparison while comparing a company with its peers.

Bottom line

The following features are only available in the Premium version of Screener which is a Paid subscription-based plan. The charges are quite low considering the value it provides hence you can upgrade to the Premium plan if you require these tools for your stock analysis.

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