Is Chartink realtime?

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In short, Chartink is real-time and is a great help to active traders. It is told to be one of the best stock screeners and has limitations attached to number of details and notifications traders can receive. To know more about Chartink, read through the blog below.

Detailed Answer


Chartink is a stock screener, i.e., it is a stock trading and analysis tool which provides various facilities regarding stock market completely free of cost.

Stock screener are tools that investors and traders use to sort stocks based on the criteria mentioned by them. The active traders use this tool to understand and differentiate the stocks from a large list of recommended shares to a limited number of stocks that have the traits they are aiming towards.

Usually, individuals misunderstand a stock screener with scanner- to understand better Scanner are something from which constant examining is done and also provides information on a real-time basis so that traders can act to it instantly.

The facilities provided by Chartink are:

  1. Stock watchlist,
  1. Large charts,
  1. Intraday charting and scans,
  1. Candlestick and PnF charts,
  1. Accurate data free of cost, etc.


Chartink offers accurate real-time updates i.e., every five minutes regarding the stocks in the market. This interval of time is also customizable according to the needs of the used or trader using this and also he/she can select which stocks they want update on and can also set alerts for the same. This tool is quite helpful as it helps the traders to be stress free while doing active trading and also help them to manage various trades simultaneously in a hassle-free manner.

Chartink by default scans all the NSE stocks but it is again customizable, and users can set as per their requirements if they want to scan on Nifty 100 stocks or SENSEX, etc. There are live details available in the exact time as due to the traffic on the website there might be a delay of maximum 1 minute till you get notified about your stock alert.

According to the amount of alerts a user can receive are a total of 2,000 SMS & email credits in a month which by default is greater than 90 alerts per day. A single alert benefit will be used if a warning alerts you regarding 50 stocks.


To conclude, Chartink is a very user-friendly portal and helps the traders in an enormous way making there work easier, quick and relaxed.

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