Is CapitalCube useful for analyzing stocks abroad?

Short Answer

CapitalCube is a useful platform that can be used to analyze stocks of international countries. The platform provides you the access to analyze more than 50,000 stocks abroad. There are various tools and filters that can be used to analyze stocks and ETFs.

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What is CapitalCube?

CapitalCube is an international stock and ETF screening platform that allows you to filter out stocks using your own desired parameters and ETFs on over 50,000 stocks from all over the world.

Is it useful for analyzing stocks abroad?

Yes, CapitalCube is useful for analyzing international stocks. It is a filtering and screening platform that helps you filter stocks and ETFs for investment. There are many tools and filters which you can use in order to obtain the best stocks as per your needs.

The main feature of CapitalCube is its “Stock Screener” using which you can analyze any stocks from any region/country/currency, etc. The screener in CapitalCube is an effective tool for analysts and investors to perform fundamental and technical analysis on international stocks. Not many platforms provide the facility to analyze stocks that are listed abroad.

Some of the most popular filters that are used for screening stocks are:

  • Market Cap
  • One-month performance
  • Net Profit margin
  • Price to Book Value
  • Net Profit margin %, etc.

Apart from these, the platform consists of numerous parameters and filters that can be utilized to get the best results.

CapitalCube provides the opportunity to analyze abroad stocks and also provides many necessary tools and additional reports. CapitalCube has another great tool that enables you to analyze ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) from American markets. This is a special tool that many investors may find unique and useful.

Bottom Line

After looking at the features and tools that CapitalCube offers, it can be said that you can use the platform to analyze abroad stocks easily. Apart from stocks, you can also analyze ETFs from Canada and U.S markets. CapitalCube provides some other tools such as Robo portfolio where you can see the return% and asset allocation of different portfolios. These are based on the risk appetite and goal-oriented portfolios that you can study or implement in your investing portfolio.

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Can you analyze stocks of any country using CapitalCube?

CapitalCube is a global stock analysis platform where you can analyze any stock from any country your want. The platform provides numerous criteria for you to choose and analyze stocks. Not all the features on the platform are free hence in order to perform certain actions you will have to subscribe to a plan offered by CapitalCube.

What is the cost of using CapitalCube platform?

CapitalCube provides three different plans for you to choose from including a free plan. The Basic Plan is a free plan that offers only 3-4 features. The Premium plan is the best plan for investors/traders which provides most of the features. Know more about the details and pricing of these plans.

Is Screener an useful stock screening tool?

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How to use Screener to find undervalued stocks?

Screener offers a set of pre-existing filters or screens which you can use to filter stocks. It also provides the feature to create your own screen to filter out stocks with your own defined parameters. Using both of these features you can find undervalued stocks by adding certain parameters such as PE, RoCE, etc

Is CapitalCube Free to use?

It is not completely free to use CapitalCube. It offers a total of three plans for investors, Basic, Premium, and Pro Plan. Find out which of these plans suits your needs.

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How to use Screener to make your own screens?

Screener is a stock screening and fundamental analysis platform using which you can filter stocks according to any parameters. You can choose any screen from the numerous screens present on the platform or create your own filter or screen to filter out stocks as per your parameters. You can create your own screen by following some simple steps.

Is the Premium Plan of Screener useful?

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Is Screener Free to use?

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How to use your own filters to screen stocks?

Screenr is a stock analytics platform that is useful to conduct detailed fundamental analysis and of stocks. You can use the pre-existing screens on the platform or create your own to filter stocks. You can easily follow some simple steps to create your own screens for filtering stocks.