How to use VectorVest to make money?

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VectorVest is a stock advisory and market analytics platform that provides many tools and facilities to investors as well as traders. There are many tools available on the Platform like WatchDog, ProTrader, etc, that can be used by you to earn money on a regular basis.

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What is VectorVest?

VectorVest is an International stock analytics and advisory platform that helps investors and traders to get better returns when compared to the benchmark index.

How to use it to make money?

VectorVest not only provides data analytics on stocks but additionally provides the details on what stock to buy an when to buy and when to sell. Let’s look at all the ways, how you can use VectorVest to make money:

1. Market Calls

The ‘Market Calls’ is a feature in VectorVest using which, alerts the users for any upcoming massive move that might occur in the markets. This move can be either on the upward side or the lower side. Every detail is shared with the subscribers as per the plan chosen. You can use these Market calls to initiate short-term positions based on the data.

2. Market Timing Indicators

Under the ‘Market Timing Indicator’, VectorVest alerts its subscribers whenever it seems, it is a good time to buy stocks. VectorVest implements complex mathematical calculations to find out whether it’s a good time to buy or not. Whenever these criteria are fulfilled, you will receive an alert with the names of the stocks that the platform feels might be good to be bought. These stocks might be at an attractive rate or can have great upside potential at the present price. You can purchase these stocks and reap profits out of them when the market values them fairly.

3. Trading Tools

Apart from the previous techniques VectorVest also provides an array of trading tools practicing which you can generate regular profits. The platform provides 3 tools that are only available in the Premium Plan that’s available for $149/ per month. The first tool is “ProTrader”. This is an advanced tool that scans the market and provides you with potential opportunities using which you can generate profits by taking intraday and swing trades.

The second tool is “AutoTimer”. This tool helps you in many different ways. The tools backtest a large quantity of data and provides you with the best trading plan that can be implemented as per the backtested data.

The final tool that can be used by traders is “WatchDog”, this is a special tool that lets you focus on your trading, rather than searching for potential setups. WatchDog brings you the potential trades and lets you execute them with just one click.


These were some of the medium-term to short-term techniques available on VectorVest that can be used to earn money on a consistent basis. Both Traders, as well as Investors, can use these tools to make money from the platform.

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