Does Chartink have an app?

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Yes, Chartink has an application. The technical analysis screener is a downloadable application that you can install on your PC or mobile and get the best insights on which stock to buy or sell based on various factors.

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What is Chartink?

Chartink is a trading tool generally used to analyze various stocks with the help of certain technical analysis instruments. It also comes with a free stock screener, which is very easy to use.

You need to select the various preferences and hit enter, and the software will give you a thorough review of every stock and a buy or sell signal.

What is the Technical Analysis Scanner?

Chartink's Technical Analysis Screener is made to assist you in scanning stocks based on various technical thresholds that you've customized and built throughout your encounter with equity markets and technical indicators.

Chartink's Scanner provides all of the versatility users have demanded to provide custom, precise, and fast stock scans. This includes classifying stocks that have traversed the 200-day moving average. And, the ones that have RSI values higher than 70 or stock prices that close above their open price are a few illustrations.

Technical Analysis Scanner- Different Filters

There are many different kinds of filters available on chartink's screener:

  1. Characteristics of a Stock

If you analyze stocks based on the open and close prices, this attribute is best for you. It gives you the open, high, low, and volume of every stock.

  1. Technical Indicators

You can use multiple indicators such as RSI, MACD, ADX, SMA, EMA, DMA, and to scan stocks.

Contrasting an indicator value to some other underlying value from another "Criterion" OR "Stock Attribute" is a prevalently used case.

  1. Crossovers

You may also want to characterize stocks based on various breakouts. A breakout occurs when the stock price closes below a value the previous day and closes above the following day.

There are many crossovers like the golden crossover or 50 EMA crossing 200 EMA.

Chartink Technical Analysis Screener

Chartink's Technical Analysis Screener is quite a popular tool amongst intermediate traders. The screener also helps create unique trading strategies, and scanners can make choosing stocks easier. It also includes many techniques used for both technical and fundamental interpretation.

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