Is Opstra options Analytics platform or app free?

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Opstra Definedge is an Options analytics platform that provides various tools and screeners to find out the most effective strategies and implement them. Opstra is an excellent platform for beginners as well as advanced options traders who want to build new Option trading strategies and backtest them. Opstra provides many features such as Options Backtesting, Options Simulator, IV chart, OI (Open Interest), and much more.

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What is Opstra?

Opstra Definedge is an Options Trading Analytics platform that provides necessary Option trading tools for Options and Derivatives trading. This includes Options & Futures. Opstra is a great tool for options traders as it provides an Options simulator and options backtesting. These features help traders to backtest strategies and also implement them with virtual money.

Opstra also provides many other advanced charts like the OI (Open Interest) chart and Option IV (Implied Volatility). By looking at all these data a trader can anticipate the mood of the market and place his trades accordingly.

Is Opstra Free?

No, not completely, Opstra offers 2 versions as of now which are the “Free” version (Free Plan) and a “Paid” version(Pro Plan). There are some major feature benefits with the Paid version. The free version lacks many features like live price tracking, Backtesting, Options simulator, etc. A list of the differences between the Free and paid version of Opstra is given below.

Opstra futures app...jpg

As seen in the above list Opstra provides most of the advanced features in its paid version. In order to get access to all the features, one has to buy the Monthly Subscription.

In the Opstra Futures section, the following features are available.

Opstra futures app...jpg

Similar to the Optra Options app the Futures part of Opstra doesn't provide the live price data updates and many other features.

Pricing of Opstra

Opstra Definedge has 2 different price plans.

  1. Free Plan
  1. PRO Plan

In the free plan, there are no charges to use the platform but only a limited few features are available to use in the Free Plan. On the other hand, the Pro plan offers only 1 level of subscription at Rs 1300 per month (+ 18% GST).

Opstra offers a 23% discount when purchasing the PRO plan for a duration of 6 months. The cost of the Pro plan for 6 months is Rs 1000 per month + 18% GST added extra. Opstra does not provide any yearly plan. If someone wants to subscribe to Opstra then they would have to either opt for the Monthly or 6-monthly plan.

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    It is one of the best platforms for option and derivative trading. It also offers advanced charts and tables for analysis of data by the individuals. It has both free and paid version, both offering various functions. It is one of the best platforms and allows users to select the investment product in which they wish to look for market opportunities.

    Opstra Definedge is a dedicated tool for traders who are invested greatly in options trading. Though it isn't free, the plans are reasonable who might be looking to trade only in options contracts. For anyone who might be looking to test out options contracts, then there are brokerage platforms that could fulfill your cravings.

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Quantsapp is an online Options analytics platform that provides many tools and features to option traders. It is free to use, but not completely. There are two price models that it offers at present. Both of them provide access to different features and tools. This gives an individual to choose anyone according to their preferences.

Is Opstra Options Analytics good strategy builder?

Opstra Options Strategy builder is a platform for Options and Futures traders. It provides many tools for trading derivatives, Some of these include Options Simulator, Options backtesting, IV (Implied Volatility) Chart, Option Chain analysis, and much more. Both beginners, as well as advanced traders, can use this platform as it offers all the necessary features for both these groups.

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Which is better platform Sensibull or Opstra for Option Traders?

If you're looking for a straightforward and comprehensive take on options trading, then Sensibull should do the job perfectly. However, if you're and expert and want more complex trading tools, then Opstra is the one to choose.

Is Opstra app safe?

Opstra Definedge is an online platform that provides various analysis tools for Derivatives traders. Opstra offers two types of subscription plans. The FREE plan is free to use and does not include all the features. The PRO plan is a paid plan that includes all the analysis tools and other features provided by the platform. You can choose a plan according to your needs.

How to use Opstra Options Strategy Builder?

Opstra Definedge is a platform that provides many tools and features to Derivative traders. Both Options as well as Future traders can make use of this platform. Some of the primary tools of Opstra are the Strategy Builder, IV (Implied Volatility) chart, Options Backtesting, Options Simulator, and many more. The Options Strategy Builder is one of the most intensively used tools on the platform.

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